Keep an Eye on Things with iZon

This tiny iZon Remote Room Monitor from Stem Innovation lets you monitor any room from anywhere with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.  Download the free Stem: Connect app to set up the iZon to let you monitor sights and sounds from any room.  The iZon “broadcasts its own wireless network, allowing you to communicate with it and share your local network information securely, with no need for cables or a PC.”  You can set up a single iZon, or multiple units in different locations.  You’ll receive alerts when sound or motion is detected via push notifications, and you can stream to your iZon camera over Edge, 3G, or WiFi.  Record video and audio automatically to your free, private YouTube account — or record 30 second clips at the touch of a button.  The iZon camera is $129.99 directly from Stem; it’s also available at Apple retail stores and select Best Buy locations.

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