Meteorite Jewelry for Men

The Jewelry Designs for Men website has some beautiful rings and cufflinks for men that are sure to appeal to the techy crowd.  These items all incorporate pieces of meteorite into the design.  The ring shown is the 18K Gold Nine Planets Ring with Meteorite and Gemstones.  The ring has an 18K backing with a complete band of the Gibeon meteorite.  Nine gemstones, including irradiated blue diamond for Earth, ruby for Mars, opal for Jupiter, are embedded in the meteorite band to represent the nine planets.  (I know – but don’t tell me, tell the designer that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore…)  This ring is fabulously expensive at $3900 for the 10mm wide band and $3200 for the 8.5mm band, but they have other styles at other price points.

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