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Why wake up to a high pitched screeching alarm, practically terrifying yourself out of bed, when your own body can tell your alarm when would be the least jarring time to wake you?  The WakeMate wristband records your subtle body movements, and using Actigraphy will deduce the best time to wake you, then communicate that to the alarm on your Smartphone of choice.  Once awake, your night’s sleep is uploaded to the WakeMate database for some Wakelytic number crunching.

The WakeMate is looking for a “semi-awake” period up to 20 minutes prior to your alarm setting.  The theory is that waking during this state will reduce your inertia and grogginess, leaving you refreshed and ready for the day.  Once you hit this period, your cell alarm will go off.  In the event you are not semi-awake within 20 minutes of the alarm, the failsafe will activate and your alarm will go off normally.

The coolest feature though, in my opinion, is being able to view your sleep patterns on their website.  Your minute by minute sleep pattern will be viewable with easy to read graphs and analytic tools.  You can even customize the reports by adding comparison tags such as days you’ve exercised, eaten particular meals, drank alcohol, anything you can think of to help parse your data and understand how and why you’ve slept. Daily information will be viewable and can be compared with your “lifetime” sleep patterns.

WakeMate is compatible with every iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Blackberry, and Android phone that has SPP Bluetooth and retails for $60.

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  2. There is a similar iPhone app that does not require a wristband, but instead uses iPhone’s accelerometer to achieve exactly the same thing.

  3. it’s called “Smart Alarm Clock” and works great for a free app!
    I upgraded to the paid-version only ‘cuz i wanted the extra “geeky” features (there’s a neat function where in addition to mapping your sleep-pattern via graph- the iphone is awaken to record audio whenever it senses movement)
    So if the reason you are having a bad-sleep, the recordings can let you know if it is your/spouse’s snoring, or an alien-abduction??

  4. I like the sound of this, a gentle wake up in the morning if only! My bladder usually tells me when its time to wake up then I can’t get back to sleep 🙁

  5. WakeMate uses the science of Actigraphy to track your sleep cycles, which requires a sensor to be placed on the wrist. All the phone apps out there do not do this and therefore are extremely inaccurate. Look at a comparison of the reviews:


    Phone apps: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sleep-cycle-alarm-clock/id320606217?mt=8

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