Let there be light with the Tec Glow Fob

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Here at The Gadgeteer, we can’t get enough keychain tools and gadgets. But sometimes it’s tough to find them at the bottom of our gear bag when it’s dark. TEC Glow Fobs might help solve that problem. They are cool little stainless steel or aluminum tubes that are filled with a light emitting resin. Expose the fobs to the light and they will glow. The longer you expose them the longer they glow (up to 12hrs). They can be recharged over and over with virtually no loss on their glowing effect. If you don’t want to deal with exposing them to light, you can opt for a Glow Fob Pellet kit that will help you to replace the included pellet in the fob with a self-luminous tritium vial (you’re on your own for actually obtaining the tritium). Prices for the Glow Fobs range from $18-$22 and the replacement pellet kit is $4.

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  2. Hmmm, these might be interesting. I myself have the ‘Nite Glowring’ series of products, which are the green, blue, and pink Tritium self luminous keyrings. Those are certainly nowhere near as bright as the product shots for them suggest (the green is good, the pink is near on useless).

    I might try these out to see how they compare, although i’m not sure about this whole charging side of things. So if your keys don’t see any light during the day, you’re basically screwed? I’ve also read the brightness is good initially, but fades off quite quickly.

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