Orange OPC – The Computer for Musicians

orange opc computer for musiciansThe Orange OPC looks like a guitar amp, but it’s a computer designed for musicians.  The Orange OPC combines integrated studio-quality speakers from JBL, full versions of hand-picked music recording/editing software (£700/$1000 value), and the newly upgraded 2nd generation Intel Core series i3-2100 cpu.  Orange says “the bundled software makes use of our OPC ASIO driver which effectively bypasses the Windows driver to bring you ultra-low latencies.”  Just like a tower PC, the Orange OPC is expandable with up to 8GB memory, an extra audio card, gaming graphics card, and extra internal hard drive.  Right now, the Orange OPC with the 2nd gen Intel cpu is available for pre-order in the UK only for £1020 plus VAT.  Hopefully, it will soon be available worldwide.

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