BodyGard 5-in-1 Emergency Tool is a Real Lifesaver

You’ve seen those big emergency tools designed to help you escape your car in an emergency.  They have a glass-breaking hammer, seatbelt cutter – and they’re as big as a small hammer and hard to keep within reach in your car.  The BodyGard 5-in-1 Emergency tool is small (1¾”W x 3”L x 5/8”H) and comes complete with a keyring so you’ll always know where it is in your car.  The BodyGard has an automatic glass breaker, seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, and an LED flashlight that switches to a red emergency flasher.  The BodyGard even glows in the dark.  Duluth Trading Company sells the BodyGard 5-in-1 Emergency Tool for $19.95.

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  • Jason March 22, 2011, 2:51 am

    1) The reviews for this product aren’t very good.
    2) Can it be taken onto an airplane?

  • Janet Cloninger March 22, 2011, 7:28 am

    Jason This is not a review. If it were a review, it would have the word “Review” in the title. This is just a news post about an item that may be of interest to our readers. Or did you mean product reviews from other users? After I re-read your post I realized that’s probably what you meant. In that case, I apologize for assuming you were saying the above was a review.

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