PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom Pullover for iPad

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alphyn ind padx 1 pulloverHere’s something unusual for the iPad owner.  This pullover jacket from Alphyn Industries is made of “advanced waterproof, thermal softshell, with the perfect balance of strength, stretch and softness.”  Materials used are Polartec softshell, polyester Dri-Lex mesh, and 3M Thinsulate fill.  There’s a kangaroo pocket on the front with a small zippered pocket in the middle.  This jacket has an iPad pocket/desk built-in to the front.  The pocket is made of silicone and holds the iPad snugly in place.  It offers protection against light impacts.  The pocket zips open to create a workdesk for the iPad.  There’s a load-bearing harness system in the front of the pullover to distribute the weight of the iPad across the upper body.  The PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom Pullover is available in sizes small to X-large.  It’s $285.00.

20 thoughts on “PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom Pullover for iPad”

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  2. Would rather have a giant beer belly and rest the iPad on that than to wear a jacket like that. At least with the beer belly, one had fun acquiring it 🙂

  3. It screams, I AM A GEEK WITH NO FASHION SENSE AND NO GIRLFRIEND. Notice I did not say boyfriend? Women have too much common sense to where drek like this.

  4. Even in the event of a “military OP”, the only way to save yourself is to keep that front compartment always zipped-up so your precious iPad can perhaps stop an errand bullet 😉
    – Marty McFly could have found this handy in BTTF-3 in his shootout with Biff…

  5. @Alexandra
    Is Ben (the one who designed these jackets) your boyfriend? If so I am happy that he’s getting some! And I find it also interesting that you as “Media Director of Alphyn Industries” are calling us geeky folks who comment here at The Gadgeteer “internet gangstaz” on your website :

    Internet Gangstaz; I kinda like that, sounds better than “Nerds”!

    I don’t think any of us Internet Gangstaz expressed “hate” for the jacket. I actually think we all loved the jacket because it gave us something that cheered up our day and made us smile 🙂

  6. Hey Bob,
    I don’t mind that you’re getting a chuckle out of our creations. It’s not personal, but I do want people to take it seriously because it’s a cool product. These comments are particularly hateful, but some of the comments on Tosh.0’s blog are completely ridiculous. But what should I expect?– it’s the internet 🙂

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