Nixie Tube Clocks and Clock Kits from TubeClock

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tubeclock in14 nixie clockI’d never heard of nixie tubes until yesterday.  They apparently look like vacuum tubes, but they have a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathode tubes that are usually shaped like numerals.  Peter Jensen at TubeClock makes fabulous clocks from nixie tubes.  He has a variety of pre-made clocks that range in price from about $100 to about $400.  (The IN14 Polished Aluminum clock in the photo is $395.)  He also sells kits so you can make your own nixie clock.  Kit prices range from about $100 to $170.  (Yes, I am on a bit of a steampunk kick lately.)

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  2. I remember our local butcher having a cash register using these tubes as price display in the ’70s. Now it’s steampunk (me too?).

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