Protect – and Remember – Your Passwords in the Vault

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Just before Christmas, my Dell laptop took a dirt nap.  Luckily, I had backups and I did finally manage to boot the thing in safe mode so I could copy files over onto my new computer.  It wasn’t until I started using my new laptop that I realized how many sites I use frequently have passwords – and how many of those remembered the passwords for me.  I’ve had some trouble trying to remember all my passwords that could have been prevented if I had used something like The Password Vault from Hammacher Schlemmer.  The Password Vault can store information for up to 400 accounts, and it protects that information with a password.  There’s a slide-out keyboard , an LCD display, and flash memory to retain your information even while the CR2032 battery is being changed.  The Password Vault is $49.99 and ships later this month.

5 thoughts on “Protect – and Remember – Your Passwords in the Vault”

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  2. LastPass does it for me. Premium account is just 12 dollars per year. Accessable on Android and iPhone. I use a Yubikey for added security. Double encrypted. Recommended to anyone looking for an online password security solution.

  3. Agree with ThomasC. LastPass is an awesome product. They just recently bought XMarks so now, not only are your pw’s securely available via IE, FF, Safari, Chrome, but also your bookmarks lists too. And if you make a change to a pw or add a bookmark, everything is automatically synced. I used to use KeyPass on a USB thumbdrive…those days are gone now. 🙂

    As for the product reviewed here…what’s the point in having yet another device I need to carry around with me? And fifty bucks!?? No thanks!

  4. A third vote for LastPass… essentially platform and browser agnostic, works on my home and work computers with ease, and enters the passwords for me when I choose.. no re-typing with possible errors as would be introduced with a device such as the “Password Vault” described above.

  5. Philip from Australia

    One day that would have been great. Maybe in the days when I put my password on my PDA.

    Now I use 1Password and Dropbox.

    And if I’d know about LastPass earlier, maybe I’d be using that instead.

  6. I’m shocked anybody would spend $50 for a uni-tasker such as this, when Lastpass is so simple, efficient, and accessible (even without going to the $12/yr premium version.)

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