modulR iPad Case and Accessory System Review

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If you’ve been shopping for both a case and a stand for your iPad, you might want to want to take a look at the modulR iPad Case and Accessory system before you decide to buy to separate products. The modulR system consists of an iPad case with a protective cover, that is compatible with a desk stand and a wall mount, with other mounting accessories for your car and home due out soon. Let’s take a look.

Each of the modulrR products in this review are sold separately, but you can also buy a starter package that includes all three of the currently available products. First of all, there’s the Case + Cover. This a prerequisite for the entire system. Without it, you can’t really use the other accessories. The cover is made of a soft touch semi-flexible plastic that has very good gripability. The back portion of the cover is more rigid for added protection. It has a large cutout that allows the Apple logo to be viewed.

The snap on cover is also rigid to protect the screen from scratches smudges and bumps when you’re on the go.

inserting and removing the iPad from the case is not a difficult operation. It’s easily accomplished very quickly.

The cover is equally easy to snap on and remove. When the cover is installed, it does enclose the iPad in a nice thick layer of protection. The only complaint I have about the cover is that it can’t snap on the back of the case when it’s not being used.

There are cutouts for the earphone jack and microphone. Even though the power button is covered by the case, there’s a built in button over it that can be pressed. This works fine and I didn’t notice any problems using it.

The sync/charge port and speaker is easily accessible.

The volume buttons are covered by the case like the power button, but again, the work just fine. The orientation button on the other hand is really hard to activate due to the small cutout and thickness of the case material. I don’t ever use this button, so it doesn’t really bother me.

If you flip the case over, you’ll notice a round node in each corner. They look like little stand up feet. But these nodes are what allow the modulR system to work so well with the Quick Stand and Slim Mount.

The Quick Stand is a steel stand with rubber feet that will allow you to stand your iPad in landscape orientation for viewing and typing. Notice the hooks in the stand? They mate with the nodes on the case. The Quick Stand is available in Orange, Black, White and Silver.

Here we see the case connected to the Quick Stand. The nodes easily slide into the hooks in the stand.

This orientation of the Quick Stand provides a solid base for viewing slide shows, movies, etc on your iPad.

Flip the stand and iPad over and you now have the iPad at the perfect angle for typing with the onscreen keyboard or even using like a laptop with a paired Bluetooth keyboard. The rubber feet on the stand keep the iPad from sliding around on the table in either orientation.

You’ve probably noticed something by now… The Quick Stand can only work in landscape orientation. If you want a stand that can also do portrait, then you’re out of luck with the Quick Stand.

The Slim Mount offers both portrait and landscape orientations. It’s a steel wall mounted bracket that is available in the same colors as the Quick Stand (Orange, Black, White and Silver).

The necessary hardware for attaching this mount to your wall is included along with instructions.

Here you see how the case and mount work together.

The Slim Mount is very sturdy and I have no doubt that it can easily and securely hold the iPad on your wall without any problems. I have to admit that I didn’t attach the Slim Mount to any of the walls in my home (yet). I’m not really sure where I’d put it. But if I ever want to do so, I now have the perfect tool for the job.

Except for the fact that the Quick Stand can only work in landscape orientation, I’ve found the modulR iPad Case and Accessory System to be top notch. Each component in the system is well made. The case and cover will protect the iPad from everyday abuse, while allowing it to easily connect to the attractive and sturdy desk or wall mounts. modulR is planning to offer a car head rest mount, shoulder strap and a swing arm mount soon, so this system will be expanding.


Product Information

Price:$59 for Case & Cover $19 for Quick Stand $29 for Slim Mount $99 Starter Package (Case, Quick Stand, Slim Mount)
  • Versatile and easy to used
  • Attractive Style
  • Expandable
  • Orientation switch is difficult to access
  • Quick Stand doesn't allow for portrait orientation

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  2. Julie,

    How do you compare this case with the Otterbox Defender (weight, grip, usability, protection, etc.)? Given that the Defender case can be bought at Amazon at $60, I guess it is a fair comparison to make.

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