Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply

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It has a funny name, but the Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply from Convenient Gadgets and Gifts has a serious purpose.  This external power supply comes with eleven connectors to fit most any digital device, including iPhones and iPods.  The Solarrific is 3.25″ X 2.25″ X 0.59″, so it’s small enough to fit in your bag or even your pocket.  Inside, there’s a polymer lithium-ion battery with a 2000 mAh capacity.  Rated input voltage is 5.0-6.0V DC; rated output voltage is 5.4V (+/- 0.1V).  You can recharge the Solarrific with solar power (takes about 35 hours), with a USB port on your computer, or with the included AC adapter.  The life cycle of the battery is about 500 recharges, but even after 500 charges, it should retain >80% capacity.  You’ll get a fabric pouch to hold the Solarrific, the AC adapter, and all the connectors.  The Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply is $39.95.

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