You Got Your Laser Pointer in My Flashlight! SE 8 LED +1 Laser Pointer and Flashlight

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Remember the old commercials for Reese’s Cups?  “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!  You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!”  Well, with the SE 8 LED +1 Laser Pointer flashlight, you’ll have your laser pointer in your LED flashlight!  This little flashlight has eight super bright 100,000 hour LEDs and an FAA-approved red dot laser.  The flashlight is 4.75″ long X about 1″ in diameter, and it has an aluminum body and a wrist strap.  Amazon has this flashlight in blue for $5.19.  You can also find other colors at Amazon.

4 thoughts on “You Got Your Laser Pointer in My Flashlight! SE 8 LED +1 Laser Pointer and Flashlight”

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  2. I just got three for 10 bux from Works well, my version uses 3 AAA batteries. Worth it, I put one each in each car and one at home to realign my garage door laser sight and receiver.

  3. This is hilarious- a local store, Canfields, offers cool promotions for birthdays, etc. and this years was a great cookie, 15% off, and a mystery gift- one of these flashlights. It has a very slightly different head, and no lanyard, but it is identical in all other ways.

    Nothing fancy about it- simple; decent but not remarkable light; bright pointer- but it was a nice present!

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