Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock

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Replace your deadbolt lock with the Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock from ThinkGeek and you’ll reduce your worry about break-ins.  The lock resists lock-picking, kicking, sawing, hammering, and prying.  You can unlock with a passcode or use the TagKeys.  The TagKeys cannot be duplicated, and they can be deleted from the system if one is lost.  This Digital Deadbolt is guaranteed to fit standard American doors and installs with only a Phillips screwdriver.  The lock operates for 1 year on a set of batteries (4 AA), so no wiring is necessary.  You can set it to automatically lock when the door is closed, so you don’t have to continually worry if you remembered to lock the door as you left for work.  The Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock is $279.99.

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  2. I often catch myself trying to unlock my house with my car’s key fob, so naturally I get excited every time I see a new advancement in electronic door locks.

    But these always leave me with doubts. In this case, if I have these on all of my doors, and the batteries all die at once, how do I get into my house? Would a traditional locksmith even be able to open this?

  3. Andy, I didn’t mention it, but there is a 9V battery that acts as a power backup, too. I guess you should stagger applying these so that the possible end of life for the batteries is a few months apart, or you could just make a habit of changing the batteries every time you change the smoke alarm batteries to be sure you don’t get locked out. You could use up the rest of the battery life in something like a flashlight that isn’t so vital. They do sound pretty “bomb-proof”, so a locksmith may not be able to open one.

  4. The 9v battery appears to be a true backup, “…if the batteries are completely drained, you can still get in by holding a 9V battery up to the temporary power terminal and using a valid Tag Key or the passcode.”

  5. Wow, what a bunch of marketing hype.

    First things first. A lock by itself is not kick proof. The only way to make a door kick proof is to reinforce the frame of your door. Note that the weak spot is your door frame, not your door, not your lock.

    Next, there are other alternatives out there for electronic door locks. I’ve been using Schlage electronic locks for years, purchased from Home Depot for around $130.

    If you read the reviews on Home Depot, you’ll find that the Schlage locks consistently get great reviews. I know that I liked mine enough to replace all three of my outer door locks with Schlages.

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