Sleep Better with the Ecotones Duet Sleep Sound Machine

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If you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, you might be interested to know that a “leading consumer magazine” found that sound machines work almost as well as prescription drugs to help you sleep.  If you’ve heard the sounds from some of those machines, though, you probably realize that some of them use loops that repeat.  Waiting for the repeat can be enough to keep some people awake.  The Ecotones Duet Sleep Sound Machine from Adaptive Sound Technology Inc doesn’t use loops;  it “dynamically composes sounds from an integrated library of proprietary natural sounds”.  It listens to the ambient noise in your room and can automatically adjust to cover the noise to help you sleep.  You can have the machine run all night to help you stay asleep, or you can set a time to turn off the machine after you’ve gone to sleep.  You can get the Ecotones from Adaptive Sound Technology Inc or from for $99.95.

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  2. This is an EXCELLENT white noise machine. I live in a very noisy apartment in NYC, besieged by clanking radiators, stomping upstairs neighbors, and the usual horns and sirens blaring outside.

    The Duet handles them all with aplomb. The adaptive technology makes the difference, pumping up the volume instantaneously when an unwelcome noise intrudes into your environment.

    For REALLY loud sounds (like window construction a few doors away), you can plug the Duet into your stereo and overpower just about any intruding noise.

    The Duet also gives you a wide variety of soothing “soundscapes” enabling you to mask the disturbing sounds in your particular environment.

    Suffice it to say that the Duet works so well, I can now nap or sleep at night without earplugs, for the first time in many decades.

    HIGHLY recommended!!!

  3. bought one for my wife, works really well, if you listen you can hear it increase volume slightly and layer in extra sounds to cover speech or footsteps or what have you. Also nice that it’s not just a loop since I’m the kind of person who can’t shut down pattern recognition, it’s like it layers in recorded sections at random and blends everything so seamlessly that you wouldn’t notice. I personally hate noise machines but since my wife can’t sleep without one I’m glad we found one that is great for her and bearable for me.

  4. Oh my!! (As they say). I was extremely sceptical about this, but as I live in an apartment and the neighbours leave their windows open, I can hear the television all the time, I had to try it.

    It works!! It’s like magic!! Okay I’ll maintain a professional demeanour. I put it on the “brook” sound and it covers the noises from outside brilliantly, whilst not keeping me up because of the babbling brook itself. For the first time since being at the apartment, 4 nights in a row of non-disturbed sleep. It was an excellent purchase for $72. I am told that you need to be aware of cheaper models that have a “tinny” sound to the loudspeaker. This was is rich and deep.

  5. Yes, the Duet has both woofer and tweeter onboard, for hours of white noise listening pleasure! And each soundscape lasts thirty minutes without repeating — plus the repeat point is inaudible. I’ve noticed at amazon that the most popular soundscapes with customers are “brook,” “ocean,” “meadow” — and for romantic interludes, “fireplace.” But again, it’s the adaptive technology that really sets this puppy apart from the pack. At under $80, it’s even a bargain — I bought mine when it first appeared a year ago for $150, and I was happy to pay that price for the uninterrupted sleep I’ve been getting! In addition, the Ecotones company offers excellent customer service. IMO the Duet is a winner in every way…

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