Scosche Wireless Car RF Remote for iPod

scosche ipod remote for carThis Scosche wireless RF remote works with any iPod with dock connector.  The control unit straps to your car’s steering wheel, and there’s a receiver that plugs into the dock connector on your iPod.  The unit works over a distance of 100 feet to control track, volume, play/pause, playlist and shuffle.  The receiver has a pass-through that lets you charge or sync the iPod while it remains in place.  The Wireless Car RF Remote for iPod is $59.99.

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  2. I have this and it’s been great for me. I frequently put my iPod on Shuffle, and this makes it so easy to skip the songs that I don’t want right then. Also, being able to pause or adjust volume without taking my eyes off of the road is much safer.

    I only have two problems with it. First, the remote sometimes pops out of it’s holder if I bump it while turning the wheel. I fixed that with a few inches of electrical tape. Second, I have now misplaced the part that plugs into the iPod, so now I can’t use it. Time to tear the car apart and find it.

    I found this on clearance at Walmart for $20 and am happy with that. I don’t know if it would be worth $59.99 to me, but I’m a bit cheap 🙂

  3. so…i can still use a dock underneath this for radio broadcasting? not sure it would be stable anylonger.

    i would like to see this built into the dock (i have one of those that plugs into the powerpoint and holds the ipod upright while broadcasting)

    otherwise, i think it’s great, much easier then fiddling with the touch screen while driving and better then listening to songs you dont really want right then (or skipping back to a good one for the 6th time 😛 )

  4. Pics:

    I have this as well. I could not find a satisfactory replacement radio for my HH so I settled on a few iPod accessories to get my music into my vehicle’s sound system and safely control it:

    Griffin AutoPilot
    Scosche IPNRFCR wireless remote…/productID/527
    Kensington Dash Car Mount

    This combo allows me to remote control my iPodTouch which is playing through the aux input of my radio and charging at the same time. It just so happens that I just stick the dash car mount in my cup holder (I’ll take a picture tomorrow when it’s daylight, but I did afix the suction cup mount on my dash in such a way that I can rotate the iPod horizontally (in case I get a GPS dongle).

    It is VERY clean setup; I only have to plug in the 30-pin sync cable and I am wireless, charging and playing with the display to my right and angled just right. FYI, the volume is not adjustable from the iPhone/iPodTouch when you plug the 30-pin cable in because the 30-pin connector’s LineOut is fixed. You have to either change the volume on the radio itself or connect a cable from the headphones to the aux (where you can then use the volume control on the iPhone/iPodTouch itself).

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