You know it’s hot when your iPhone tells you it is

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iphone tempI accidentally left my iPhone 4 in my car late this afternoon while I was in an appointment. I had the windows cracked open, but it was probably 90 something outside. When I got back in the car about 30 minutes later, I saw my phone sitting in the cup holder and thought oh #$%&! I pressed the home button and this is what I saw. Unlocking the phone would only put it in emergency call mode. I hurried up and started the car and got the AC cranking and then started driving home while holding the iPhone against the air vents. It took about 15 minutes to cool it down to where it woke up to the normal unlock screen. Whew! I was pretty worried that I had fried my phone. Just a lesson to not leave children, pets or iPhones in your car on a hot day!

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  2. The windows cracked open with the iphone in the cup holder and your car isn’t broken into?!?! I guess Indiana is way safer than NYC.

  3. My GPS does pretty much the same thing if I forget to throw it in the glovebox before leaving the car in the hot sun during the day.

  4. 30 mins? Yikes the iphone is becoming more and more fragile everytime i turn around. Have had this happen to me in dallas where it was 110 and my gps spased out but i left my car parked outside whilst i was working all day so about 10 hours in baking sun. I wonder what will in happen in winter time with all the snow and cold. Anybody want to stick their iphone 4 into the freezer to find out?

  5. This happened to me as well, except my iPhone was sitting on the patio table under the shade of the umbrella. I got out of the pool to check the time, and bam-I was scared. Luckily mine only took about 5 minutes to correct itself.

  6. That sucks. Here in NC, we’ve spent the last several weeks pretty solidly in the mid-90s. Fortunately, however, I detest the heat and humidity, so I spend as much of the summer in the air-conditioned indoors as possible. 🙂

  7. I left my iPod in the summer sun hooked to speakers while I was working in the yard once and it quit working. It recovered fine after putting it in the fridge for a while.

  8. Hopefully, you won’t overheat tomorrow after the Apple iPhone 4 news conference in the event there’s a recall.

  9. Just a little “Public Service Announcement” for us gadget freaks 🙂

    Never leave any electronics (especially ones with a battery) in a car if it is hot/cold enough that you would not leave a pet or child in there.

    It’s not just iPhones, all electronics are fragile to dramatic temperature changes. Some electronics like the iPhone will actually tell you about it, but all of them are vulnerable.

  10. haha, I wish my 3gs had this rather I had the horror of my battery meter going lower and lower even as I had it plugged into my car. it went from like 10% to 3% in maybe 5 minutes. After being on 3% for another 10 minutes or so the charge finally went up. It was kinda interesting how that happened.

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