Dr. Seuss Books Apps for iPad

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Oceanhouse Media has introduced some book apps for iPad (also compatible with iPhone/iPod touch) that can entertain your child and even help her learn to read.  There are three ways to read the book:  “read to me” reads the book aloud to the child and highlights the words as they are spoken, “read it myself”, and “auto play” with narration and automated page turns for the youngest children.  Oceanhouse has several Dr. Seuss book apps available.  You can check out all their offerings at the Oceanhouse link above, or start with the Dr. Seuss’s ABC  book app at iTunes.   The Dr. Seuss apps are $3.99 at iTunes.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Books Apps for iPad”

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  2. What is the purpose of these? To put an object that costs in upwards of $600 in the hands of a child under 5 years old?

    Did anyone ask actual parents if this is a logical and sane idea?

    I suppose the parent is supposed to sit there and chaperone the child while the ipad reads them the book. Please tell me that other “parents” see the inherent flaw in this whole concept!!

  3. Janet Cloninger

    I’m a parent, and I don’t see anything so wrong with the concept. My daughter was using our computers from the age of about 2 – granted they weren’t as tiny as an iPad, but we always supervised her with anything she could get hurt by. Rachel got her first PDA before she was 5 (a hand-me-down). She’s 14 now, and that PDA still works, so maybe she’s just more careful than some kids.

  4. My point is that if you are sitting there next to them holding the ipad, it would make more sense to read to them. bond with them. Read the story with character and your own personalized touch. Don’t let a machine teach your child.

    Theres nothing wrong with training them to use computers. My son is just turned 5 and he is playing xbox 360 games, playing with his leapster and sometimes surfing the next. But all of those games are either designed for kids or have constraints to protect them from kids.
    An ipad needs to be held and touched by the child for it to be useful and I see an accident waiting to happen.

  5. As a grandfather, I like the idea of sitting with my three year old grandaughter and reading “Green Eggs & Ham” or “Horton Hears A Who”.

    Be yourself and say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind! Dr Seuss

  6. if u have more then 1 kid it is sometimes hard to read everynight to all the kids so its a great idea and yeah if u buy the ipod or ipad then y not let ur kid enjoy it to

  7. I am currently in Germany, my husbands working here. And my daughter goes to German school and her main language is German. I find that the apps help her alot. Not like I can sit besides her and read all day. And I find that the iPad is a big help in so many ways. For me I am all in for it. Plus she’s such a readiholic and I keep purchasing and she keeps reading. It’s all go for me ;))

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