Vaja i-volution Top SP Blackberry Storm 2 Case Review

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vaja ivolution storm2 colors

I do love cases from Vaja…. Without a doubt, walking away; I am a definite FanBoy. Its their nearly unmatched craftsmanship, premium leathers, unique designs, I could go on & on. Vaja’s i-volution Top SP Blackberry Storm 2 case is no different. I know I am gushing a bit, but for those of you who have ever owned a Vaja case know what I am talking about.

Quality and craftsmanship aside, with the large number of cases I have tested and reviewed over the years, it really comes down to usability. If a case inhibits or bothers me while I am using a device, that love often fades. So, let’s see if the i-volution Top SP for the Storm 2 is as functional as it is gorgeous.

vaja storm2 withBB

I decided to live on the wild-side and not ask for my usual black/brown color combo. I thought Vaja’s featured color combination of dusty olive and cream looked so good I went for it. Although, Vaja does warn that the lighter colors may show wear and dirt more than the dark colors.

vaja ivolution storm2 open

Vaja’s BlackBerry Storm 2 i-volution case is form-fitted for the device providing protection to nearly 90% your device (when closed). The BlackBerry slides in from the top of the case and is held in place by the sides and back of the case itself. As you can see, the front flap has an embedded magnet that puts the Storm 2 to sleep when you close the case.

vaja ivolution storm2 left

The left side of the case allows easy access to the Storm 2’s quick launch button and Micro USB port.

vaja ivolution storm2 top

The front of the case (aka flap) is held closed by the leather tab/hook that goes over the top of the Storm 2. Vaja engineered the closure tab to allow for easy opening and closing of the flap and access to the power and mute buttons.

vaja ivolution storm2 right

The right side allows access to the volume controls, earphone plug, and a cutout for the camera quick launch button. The camera quick launch button is recessed and takes jabbing a finger into the cutout to activate that function. I find this a positive part of the cases design, when I use my Storm without a case I occasionally activate the camera by accident.

vaja ivolution storm2 bottom

The base of the i-volution case entirely covers the bottom of the Storm 2 when the front flap is closed.

vaja ivolution storm2 1

Compared to other Vaja cases I have tried in the past, this case fits the Storm’s slightly curved edges well but not perfectly.

vaja ivolution storm2 bottomfit

As you can see, the Storm slides a majority of the way into the case but does not go in to the very bottom. I am sure it is difficult to achieve the perfect angle on the base and corners of a case like this. Based on the rigidness of the case, I doubt the case will wear in enough to allow the device to slide in much further. That said, the case functions perfectly; the front flap opens and closes ideally, keeps the Storm securely within, and provides ample protection. So, I guess it does not really matter but I thought it worth mentioning.

vaja ivolution storm2 frontback

The back of the case has a cutout for the Storm’s camera and flash. I chose to have Vaja create my case with their ‘Rivet Clip System’.

vaja storm2 onbelt

Vaja’s Rivet Clip System is very nice and once you get use to attaching and unclipping it, makes having your BlackBerry at your side easy and convenient.

vaja ivolution storm2 clicking

From a functionality point of view, the flap of the Top SP does get in the way a little. I typically input text using the Storm horizontally allowing me to use the full QWERTY keyboard. To click two-handed, you have to bend the front cover completely around the back of the case. Where it did not get in the way with the Top SP case for the Bold due to the fact text input is done vertically.

I have been using my i-volution SP case from Vaja on and off since I received it. But the last few weeks, I have had my Storm 2 within the case all the time. The catalyst for this was that I dropped my Storm several times onto the ground all within 30 minutes….very irritating. I have adjusted to having to flip the front flap around back to input text. A minor inconvenience for the added protection.

Vaja’s leather Storm 2 i-volution case adds grip-ability, good protection, and with the rivet clip system, a great way to hang your Storm by your side; all in a incredibly well made, stylish package. Vaja cases are all that but come with a designer cost as well. The Storm 2 i-volution SP case ranges in price between $85 – $105. As with nearly every Vaja case I have ever used, you are definitely getting what you pay for.


Product Information

Price:Starting at $85 With Rivet Clip System $105
  • - Excellent materials and craftsmanship
  • - Well fitted for the Blackberry Storm 2
  • - Front flap provides excellent protection for the screen
  • - Available Rivet Clip System
  • - Good overall protection
  • - Camera cutout
  • - Pricey
  • - Adds a bit of bulk to the device

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  2. Hi, the cover looks great and I’m thinking of ordering one for myself too. I love the color combination. Could you help me out with the exact names? I cannot seem to find dusty olive and cream in the customization area.


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