Stanza eBook Reader for iPad is Available

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STANZALexcycle released a new version of their Stanza reader that is optimized for iPad over the weekend.  (Actually, there is a single app that works for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.)  The new version not only takes full advantage of the larger iPad screen, it has also added support for PDF, DjVu, and Comic Book Archive (CBR and CBZ) files in addition to the ePub and eReader files it already supported.  You can even drag files from iTunes and drop them into the “File Sharing” section of the “Apps” tab on your device.  Stanza is free in iTunes now.

7 thoughts on “Stanza eBook Reader for iPad is Available”

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  2. I have to ask: how is reading ebooks on the iPad compared to reading them on the Kindle or other E-ink readers? Eye strain, ease of use, stuff like that.

  3. Janet Cloninger

    @Bob DeLoyd I really like reading on my iPad. I have loaded up all my books in the iBooks reader on the iPad. I’ve been using the iPad as my ebook reader since I got it on release day. Granted, I don’t spend a lot of time trying to read outdoors, but I love never needing a booklight to see. I love using the two-page layout you get with iBooks in the horizontal position – I find the iPad is very stable and easy to hold in that position. I’ve found myself clawing at the upper right corner of my iPad more than once trying to turn the page because I get lost in the book and forget the hardware.

    Maybe I have tougher eyes than the average bear, but I don’t have any eyestrain from reading on the backlit screen even after hours of reading. I do have my brightness turned down below 50%. I find that extends battery life somewhat, and I never feel like I’m being blinded by harsh light.

    Granted, the battery has to be charged more often than with an e-Ink device. I just plug it up when I’m ready to go to sleep and it’s fully charged when I wake up. And if the battery gets low while I’m reading, I can just plug up my AC charger and continue reading.

    I’ve tried reading with the Kindle app and the new Stanza app. I actually bought some books from for the Kindle reader. The app works well, but I still prefer the iBooks app. I was able to download the books I bought from Fictionwise to the Stanza reader. Again, I think it works well, but I still prefer the iBooks reader. I think I prefer the iBooks app because I really prefer the way it looks in the horizontal orientation.

    And FYI: I’ve never used an actual Kindle device, but I do have tons of experience with Sony readers. I’ve briefly used the new 300 Pocket Reader, and I’ve used the 500, 505, and the 600 Touch readers for years.

    1. @Bob I do have ‘bad’ eyes (yay corneal dystrophy!) and need light to read. That’s why I’ve never fallen for the Kindle or the Nook because neither have a backlight. I continue to read mainly on my iPhone using Stanza and have not had any issues with my eyes getting tired due to the backlight. I always read with an inverted screen though (black background, white letters). If Stanza would include a feature to sync the progress of a book between devices, I’d read on my iPad while I’m home and my iPhone when I’m elsewhere.

    1. @Kidclam You can’t 🙁 That’s a feature I asked for quite awhile ago and they told me that it wasn’t on their list. Not sure if that has changed since I asked though. If you do need this feature, iBooks will do it, as will the Kindle reader and Barnes and Noble reader. iBooks will even sync the pages on non-purchased books, which is great.

  4. @ Julie Oh that is a shame! I really like Stanza, mainly because I have been using it for a few years. Now I have the iPad and there are functions which are not up to date from it’s predecessor. Oh well, I guess iBooks is good enough for now. I have a 2G iPhone so I cannot use iBooks on it. Sometimes it will be ideal to have read on iPad and then switch to my iPhone for reading in bed (much lighter and less brightness which sometimes distracts my wife from sleeping) I guess in time Stanza will update with this feature, although I know since Amazon owns it they won’t be in any rush soon.

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