case-mate iPad Walkabout Leather Slipper Case Review

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With Apple’s recent release of the iPad, case-mate has begun selling a half dozen cases specifically designed to protect your fancy new device. They range the spectrum in type and design from a colorful click on plastic shell protecting the back and edges,  a leather and felt folio, a hardened rubber form-fitted case, to several slipper cases meant to protect the iPad during travels. Today I will be reviewing case-mate’s flagship (aka most expensive) iPad case; a soft-sided leather slipper case called The Walkabout.

The Walkabout is made of a premium leather, form-fitted for the sleek and slim iPad. The slipper case’s overall design is very simplistic, engineered to protect the iPad from minor bumps and scratches while in transport.

Overall, the Walkabout is meant to be used with your naked iPad. Although, mine has the Full Body invisibleSHIELD which adds nearly nothing to the iPad’s size or weight. Due to its form-fitted design, the Walkabout does not allow any sort of other case to work in-conjunction with it.

The Walkabout’s top opening design allows the iPad to easily slide into its suede lined compartment. The interior has just enough room for the iPad; not too tight, not too loose. The cutout allows for effortless removal of the device.

The flap folds over the top of the compartment/iPad where embedded magnets and metal tipped tabs keep it secure from accidentally coming open. I actually find the metal tipped tabs a negative; they could potentially scratch the back of an iPad. I am not too worried about it on mine because my iPad has the added scratch protection of a full-body invisibleSHIELD installed on it. However, others who have their device completely naked, might not like the metal tabs knocking against the back of their device.

As I stated above, the Walkabout’s design is very simplistic.

Two pieces of leather stitched together on three sides.

The back piece of leather is longer. So that the extra material forms the flap and tabs.

While the Walkabout is simplistic in its design; it is effective in its protection. This slipper case will not protect your iPad from a drop, significant force or pressure. But it will protect your device from scratches and minor bumps and bruises.

The Walkabout’s overall quality is good. The stitching is well done with a majority of the edges finished.

The leather is very nice but a bit thin. If there is a point of failure, I believe it would be where the metal tipped tabs slide into their slots. case-mate most likely could have engineered the Walkabout without the tabs and it would have been just as protected/secure within. I typically do not insert the taps into the slots unless I am going out and about with my iPad.

Personally, I prefer products that use a thicker leather. While thicker leather does add a bit more protection it does increase the overall weight. But that is just my preference. The Walkabout is a well made slipper case that protects the iPad from minor bumps and scratches. Priced at $80, case-mate’s Walkabout is competitively priced with similar premium leather iPad slipper cases.


Product Information

  • - Quality leather and workmanship
  • - Provides good scratch/bump protection
  • - Embedded magnets and tabs keep flap securely closed
  • - Metal ends on flap-tabs could scratch back of iPad
  • - Only available in tan

3 thoughts on “case-mate iPad Walkabout Leather Slipper Case Review”

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  2. Love the direct product links, makes reading this entry easier. Good review too! I need to buy a case for my ipad.

  3. This is superb case. So well-crafted. I also bought the Case-Mate Gelli and use both in conjunction. Initially the fit was beyond tight when taking out the iPad, but it loosened after a couple of weeks.

    Now it’s the perfect combination. I love the weight of the leather, and the color too. After use it reminds me of a broken-in baseball mitt. Great look! Plus it doesn’t scream iPad case, which is a plus.

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