App Station rocks and rolls—literally

iluv appstationTired of your iPhone/iPod staring at you rigidly from its speaker dock, fixed in portrait position?  Check out the iMM90 App Station “App Driven Rotational Dock” from iLuv.  The App Station’s design allows you to dock your iPhone/iPod and orient it however you’d like depending on what app you’re using at the time.  Watching a movie?  Flip it to landscape.  Skypeing?  Roll it over to portrait.  You can also download the free iLuv App Clock from iTunes, which turns your device into a big display alarm clock with weather info, and includes multiple alarms to wake to your own favorite music.  Operates on AC or 6 x AA batteries and includes a 3.5mm audio line-in.  $89.99.

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