Pet Waste Vacuum

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pet vacuumAs any dog owner can attest, picking up pet waste is a fairly unpleasant task.  And it’s always a sure bet that the minute I bend down to pick up my puppy’s once-dinner, a neighbor will turn the corner just in time to see my daily indignity.  Enter the doggie waste vacuum–or as the manufacturer  obscurely named it:  Pet Pooch Power System.  It’s not the most attractive design, sort of resembling a middle schooler’s MacGuyveresque concoction of tools, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in function.  The grey container of the vacuum gets positioned behind the waste and once turned on, the pet waste will be sucked into a waiting biodegradable plastic bag inside the vacuum container.  The motor is rechargeable and handles 150 uses in a single charge.  There aren’t too many details on the size or weight of the vacuum, so it’s a toss up as to whether it’s more awkward to bend down and pick up droppings or carry around a vacuum for the task.    The Pet Pooch Power System is available through Frontgate for $99.50 with replacement bags starting at $19.50 for a pack of 50.

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  2. Just so I’m clear. We’re embarrassed to be seen bending over to do our civic duty, but we’re not embarrassed to walk around with what looks like a Simpsons metal detector that we use to vaccuum up what we didn’t want people to see us pick up.

    If you pay $99.50 for this, please post a picture of you with your handy vac.

  3. I would use this in my backyard (if I had one) because I’m lazy but on a walk? Hells no. Looking like a crazy old person is definitely worse than people seeing me bending over a turd (sometimes, in this case, yes)

  4. Ha… This would cost us a fortune in bags. With three dogs, two of whom are “poop machines”… we’d probably go through 50 bags a week! Okay, not literally 50 bags, but quite a few. I think I’d much rather invest in the Doggie Dooley system. (Although we live in NW Minnesota so our winter temps probably are far too cold for that.) Frozen dog poop is pretty easy to pick up. 🙂

  5. This is a great item for those of us who are disabled, especially when bending over or stooping means falling — a Weeble I’m not (I wish). Since I’m homebound, it’s only used in my yard. To place the bags, I must sit in a chair, but it works. The vacuum simply replaces my cane when I use it.

    For others, it’s a waste.

  6. I bought this Dyson and was very disappointed. So I designed a better one that uses a leaf/blower vacuum, and it is incredible. See details and a video at

    We are currently filling orders, delivery time is 2 weeks. Money back plus shipping if you’re not completly satisfied.

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