Star Trek Perfumes

Okay, I know I said in my Are Gadgets Just for Guys? article that I don’t consider perfume a gadget, but I certainly must admit that these Star Trek fragrances from Genki Wear must qualify as a type of gear.  Genki Wear offers Pon Farr for women who want to “leave logic behind” and “drive him wild”.  Tiberius is for men who want to “boldly go”, and Red Shirt is for the man who wants to “live like there is no tomorrow”.  Genki Wear proudly tells us that William Shatner himself described Tiberius as “not horrible!”  Each is $29.99 from the Genki Wear online store.

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  2. @Andy

    lol…I wonder if you are supposed to put on the “red shirt” when you don’t plan on coming back.


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