Protect your precious iPhone with the iBand

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If you have a habit of dropping your iPhone, then give it the ultimate in protection (and peace of mind for you!) with the iBand.

The iBand is basically a protective band that fits around your iPhone and unlike a standard hard case, it will offer 100% protection from knocks and drops.

It’s produced using a revolutionary product called ‘d30’ and when the material takes an impact (i.e. when you accidentally drop your iPhone onto the concrete walkway beneath your feet!) the molecules instantly lock together and absorb the impact, thus dispelling any energy created, whilst your iPhone remains completely intact.

When the iBand is fitted you still have full access to the iPhones controls and ports.  And, even though the screen and rear remain fully visible, the iBand is just thick enough to raise your handset off whatever surface you choose to sit it on.

The iBand is compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS (8GB/16GB/32GB) and can be ordered from Firebox for £19.99

2 thoughts on “Protect your precious iPhone with the iBand”

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  2. “When the iBand is fitted you still have full access to the iPhones controls and ports.”

    I did not find this when I purchased mine. Unless there has been a design change, I was not able to use the ringer switch (side) or the power button (top) on my 3GS at all. You were able to use the volume button but it required much more force than I was willing to use on my beloved iPhone. After about two days of having to take the iBand off to silence my ringer, this went into my desk drawer and has not seen the light of day since. Total design fail.


  3. I believe the iBand has been released in a couple of versions already, so this version may allow FULL access to all controls.

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