Citizen Request Tracker App for iPhone

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For more than ten years, CivicPlus has developed award-winning websites for more than 580 cities, counties, and government associations.   Apparently nearby Burlington, NC, is a client of CivicPlus.  I read a story on (a local TV station’s website) announcing that citizens of Burlington can use Citizen Request Tracker (CRT), a free iPhone app to report non-emergency situations to the local government.  Whenever you see a situation – a pothole, a need for some service – you can use the CRT app to transmit a description and a photo to the local government’s website, and iPhone’s GPS can even send the exact location of the problem.  The request will be routed to the appropriate departments, with copies sent to supervisors along the way.  You can use the CRT app to track the status of your report and see comments left by government employees as they address the issue.  If you live in Burlington or any of the other localities serviced by CivicPlus and the Citizen Request Tracker app, you no longer have to wait for business hours to contact local authorities.

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