Qstarz BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer for Extreme Sports

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qstarz bt q1000ex gps lap timerAre you into racing – road-course motorcycles or road-course cars?  If you are, Qstarz has a product that can break your dependence on a clock for timing your practices.  The BT-Q1000eX is a GPS lap timer, capable of logging up to five times a second with its 5 Hz speed.  You simply manually define the start, end, and split points using Google Maps, attach the BT-Q1000eX to your vehicle, and the MTK II GPS module starts logging data.  There’s a button on the unit that allows you to mark additional points on your route.  The device can hold up to 400,000 data points in its 8 MB internal storage, and the rechargeable battery can last for up to 42 hours (at the 1 Hz rate).  After your race is complete, transfer data from the BT-Q1000eX to your computer using it’s Bluetooth or the included USB cable.  Analyze the collected data with the included software: Avg/Min/Max speed by each lap, Sector time (the time from one split point to another), Split time (the cumulative time from start point to split point), and point current speed.  Use the information to improve your lap time.  There are actually two pieces of software:  QTravel for racing analysis, and QSports that analyzes personal data for training and calorie burn.  There is no price shown on the Qstarz web site, but Semsons.com has it for $150.

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  2. Hi, I race radio controlled model boats in the sea ,[ not toys, up to 1.750 meters long and speeds up 85 kph] The average lap for circuit racing is 300 meters long. Would your BT-q1000eX be able to count laps , and if so, if 10 or more boats were in a race with your timer on board would they interfere with each other? thanks, Brian Sexton

  3. Janet Cloninger

    @brian sexton I’m sorry I can’t answer your questions. The Gadgeteer is a product review site. We post news items for gadgets of interest and reviews of many products, but we don’t manufacture or sell anything. Hopefully there is someone at the Qstarz link above that can answer your questions.

  4. Hey Brian,
    I do really similar things with RC cars and this thing works even on a smaller circuit. They will not interfere since this timer is only a receiver. I got mine from shopqstarz.com.

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