Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

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Primo Out ofThere might not be much to be said for your average and sundry water cooler and dispenser…unless you’re me.  I was never sold on water coolers.  When they first came out, sure they were cool and the water delivery man could usually be counted on to be really cute with great looking legs.  And in those days, (dating myself here) those five gallon bottles were glass.  Heavy glass.  Forget the water in them, the bottles themselves weighed a ton.   Then the water companies started making the bottles out of plastic in a vain attempt to be lighter and easier to lift..  Those bottles are somewhat lighter but I could still be counted on to slosh water everywhere trying to hoist the bottle up and and upside down to fit into the top.    I did the Bottled Water thing, but I’m a recycler and the waste bothered me long before it was cool to care about the waste of so much plastic even if you did recycle it.  I was destined to be a slave to the drip, drip, drip of the water filtration pitcher in my refrigerator.

Primo has solved my issues and won me over with their water cooler and dispenser system.   While Primo does feature models that are “top loaders”, they also feature this one:  the bottom loader.

Primo Water Bottle in Place
Once the probe is distended and cap is tightly in place, slide water bottle into unit, shut the door and you're good to go. No lifting of heavy bottles.

My  model ( 900129) is a sleek, sturdy, practically noiseless fixture that dispenses the water from the bottom inside of the unit.  No more lifting bottles… of any kind.  You open up the handy dandy door, clamp down the hose apparatus, (make sure the top is tight), shove it inside, close the door and no gurgling of the water as it dispenses.   It’s a sweet deal.

Added to those benefits, I like the easy set up.  Primo comes in a tall box which (if you’re me) is great for storing something else.  It’s practically good to go after taking it out.

It’s not too bulky, it’s not top heavy, fits into spaces that your average tall kitchen garbage can would and is all but noiseless.   The hot water feature dispenses hot water at about 175 degrees.  Just hot enough to do anything you really need hot water to do unless you seriously need boiling.  I’m a tea drinker who hates waiting for her kettle to boil or for the microwave to nuke it.  The temperature from the Primo is perfect for tea, hot chocolate, soup, noodles…pretty much anything you can dissolve in hot water.

And  the safety feature is good if you have kids.  First of all, the button to dispense the hot water is on top of the unit, not in the middle where small hands could get it.  Second, unlike the cold water button, you are required to push in and then down on the hot water button in order to dispense hot water.  It seems to be designed for someone tall enough to use that kind of pressure. It’s a nice protective feature for small hands that should not be around near boiling water.

Hot Water Button Safety Feature
Hot Water Button. Safety Feature requires user to press button in first.
Press In and Down to Dispense the Hot Water
And then Press Down to dispense hot water. Unlike the cold water button where you simply would press down. This feature is a safety benefit to circumvent accidental dispensing of near boiling hot water.

There are two energy saving features on the back of the unit that allow you to control the temperature of your water.  If you’re like me, you like your drinking water room temperature  You can control that with a flip of the switch.

Energy Saving Feature
Energy Saving Buttons in the back of the Primo unit
Primo Grounded Plug
This grounded plug also fits into the unit for easy moving. No dragging cord to have to tie up or trip over during any kind of move or transport. Plug in the back and then move unit to the area desired. Pull plug out and into proper receptacle. No ties or dangling cords.

The unit comes with a specific plug piece because the probe or hose apparatus fits into the plug and into the bottle.

Primo and Water Probe and pump
Primo Water Dispenser and Probe

Primo sells their bottles at various stores and those stores that sell the Primo bottle usually have a recycle bin set up that dispenses a coupon for several dollars off of your next bottle.  This way you get a clean, sanitary bottle and you can purchase as much water as you want .

The  only complaint I really have about this unit is that it did not come with a physical  instruction booklet.  If you have a problem and I did, you are perforce to bring the Primo website up on the internet and click on the troubleshooting link.   Our unit’s lights began blinking rapidly and we could not figure out why.  Once we accessed the troubleshooting link on the Primo website, we were able to find out why it was doing that and solved the problem.   Once on the website, you can download the user manual for your specific model and it tells you everything you need to know.  Problem is…how many folks will actually take the time to access the website to get the user manual that they figure should be in the box?  I don’t want to sound whiny but I had to come up with one con to all the pros.  Quite frankly, I LOVE this unit.  My husband and I have been wanting to get a water dispenser for awhile now but never really took the leap until this one came out.  We are actually planning on getting a second one for the kitchen while the first one will go upstairs into his home office.   He is a serious water drinker and likes the sugar free drink mixes.  Since his home office is upstairs, he doesn’t have to come downstairs as much for water.   Now, say what you want about tap water being “just as good” but I’m here to say that our tap water is not “just as good”.   Primo solves several of our nagging issues:  my husband gets fresh clean water whenever he wants, we don’t have to use a bulky filtration system on the water faucet or a water filter in the refrigerator and we’re done buying tons of small bottles of water.  Primo’s bottom loader models work for those of us aren’t weight lifters, I don’t have to slosh water all over the place anymore trying to lift a heavy bottle of water and their recycling of the bottles is far easier on the environment than the smaller bottles of water we’ve been using. The dispenser buttons are easy to use, the styling is sleek and   On a grading scale, Primo gets an A+.


Product Information

Price:$191.00 - $199.00 Depending on where you purchase
  • Modern, sleek styling
  • Bottom loading of water
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to move
  • Sturdy construction; not top heavy
  • Safety features on hot water button
  • LED flashing lights to signal low water in bottle
  • Plug attaches to unit to prevent dragging or having to tie up during a move
  • Easy to install bottle
  • Very hot water
  • Very quiet
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Users must access website to get user manual rather than physical manual with the unit

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  2. Does it pump out the water or does it use air pressure, like a keg?

    We use a deionized water system to eliminate the bottle and the transport thereof. It’s pretty convenient, and costs about the same per gallon (due to filter costs). Our tap water tastes pretty bad, so we really needed something.

  3. I’ve had this water cooler for a yr now and for more than 1/2 of that time, the cooler doesn’t cool the water at all. Just as warm as it is out of the bottle. I’ve tried troubleshooting it the way the manual says and even had tech support on the phone and NOTHING. They want me to ship it back to them but, I tore the box up like an ape, so I’ve been dealing with it this way.

    Good ol ice to the rescue.

  4. Why does my water cooler make so much noise? Also, the hot water coming out of the tap seems to be less and less, it does not have a good flow anymore. How can I fix that?

  5. Hi,
    I bought a water dispenser, Model #900134, about 3 months ago.
    It was working fine until yesterday when it stopped dispensing. I think air has gotten into the system and the pump is not sucking up the water. The pump seems to be running but I can’t be sure it’s drawing up water. We’ve checked all the obvious causes but no luck. How can I get this serviced?

  6. i bought a bottom load water dispenser model #900129A i works good but can not get plastic tast out i have tryed lemon juice and vinger and bleach and still the tast is there if some one knows how to clean it were it work could you please e-mail me at [email protected] how to clean it thank you

  7. Primo sucks I have had two in the last three years the first one went out on us would not cool the water so I sent in after I had to call in a thousand times before fore anyone would answer then the sent me anthere a new model sk I thought they hid a feature from the Luke warm water then again before the year it stop working on me it leaked everywhere I than again tryed and the still haven’t called or emailed me back so do I recommend this product no I don’t customer service and warranty sucks if anyone knows where j get this fix it sucks to spend almost two hundred dollars please tell me thanks

  8. I have the Primo up flow dispenser. Purchased it last February and it stopped pumping last week. Under warranty so I am being shipped a new one. I would not recommend this product at all. If you could help it and have the strength stick with the down flow type and not have to worry about any pump break downs. i am 67 years old and the 5 gallon bottles are getting to be a little heavy for me to install over the down flow type that is why we went to the up flow style.

  9. The plastic fitting that wraps around the bottle’s neck is no longer fitting properly. This in turn allows the pressured air to leak causing the pump to continuously go off. I have looked in many websites but this part doesn’t seem to be available. Will I need to replace the entire dispenser?

  10. My water cooler (Model 900172) is not cooling at all. The cold water is coming out hot. I called the customer service center and they told me to take off the top and affix a part of the machine that is usually dispositioned. I tried this to no avail as well as turn the Temperature knob on the back with the same result. I don’t know if the machine runs with Freon like any other refrigerator and if so, would that be the cause why my cooler is not cooling properly? I really need a repair guy.

  11. I just purchased a bottom load 900130 and it will not dispense hot or middle temp at all but the cold works I really dont feel I need to spend 180.00 for this dispenser just so I could get cold water I am not sure that Primo is so much Primo after all!!! very much dissatisfied

  12. I got my Primo bottom loading dispenser second-hand. The cold water works fine but not the hot water (which was my main reason for purchasing the unit, as we drink alot of hot beverages). What part could I replace to make the hot water work again, and where can I purchase it? Thanks.

    1. Robert Strodtman

      MY primo water dispencer. is two months old and it does not supple hot water, the light on the front for the hot water stays on all the time. the model is 601177. It worked when i purchase the water dispencer.

  13. I bought a year back new in the box, not dispensing hot or cold water. I am highly disapponted will never buy again.

  14. robby partridge


  15. Purchased a Primo water dispenser at Walmart. During the two year Warranty period we had, we are now using the third unit sent to us (four total units). The hot water has stopped working after about six months on every unit. We love it when it is working, but we would never buy another one with it only lasting six months. Primo customer service has been great to work with, and no problem with them replacing the failed units; but now the warranty period is over, and we can’t locate a repair manual to repair this one when it goes out. that is why we would never buy another one.

  16. I wish you would have shared what to do when the red light flashes repeatedly, because I can’t find that issue on the Primo site or in any Google searches, at least not specific to our issue. This happens repeatedly after putting in a new bottle — it appears to be air related, so I’ve tried to put the hose ‘just right’, but no luck. The pump is working, and will engage long enough to pull water but not long enough to get it out before the red light starts flashing again.

    1. Deb, I’m having the same problem. Pump works long enough to draw a small amount of water (enough to fill the top reservoir only about 1/8 full) and then I get the flashing red light again. If I keep pushing the door trigger it will draw water again, but again, it stops and I get red flashing light again. Did you ever find a fix for your issue?

  17. I am very happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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