Question for those Early-Adopters of the iPad….

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The big question for those early-adopters of the iPad: Which version are you going to buy?

Whether you are going the thrifty 16gb route or getting the 3G 64gb Cadillac, Iā€™m just curious which one you are going to buy and why?

Also, are you going to skip work to stand in line or wait until after the insanity subsides before braving the trip to your local Apple Store?

The reason I ask, is that I keep waffling between 3G and no 3G. I do not want to wait the extra 30 days but would hate to buy the non-3G version of the iPad and find out that I really want/need the constant connection.

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  2. I’m going with the 64GB non-3G model. I have idea when 3G will come to my town and even if I had it, I don’t want or need another monthly bill.

    As for standing in line, I sure hope they allow people to pre-order. The nearest Apple store is 70mi from here.

  3. 32GB non-3G – I posted a nice long response to why I want an iPad in general on my blog – but as for the 3G/WiFi question;
    I don’t need 3G everywhere – I have an iPhone. I really want to consume reading materials and in the places I’ll spend the majority of my time with my iPad, I’ll have access to WiFi. For those times when I might need a 3G connection I’ll have my iPhone by my side (which may or may not gain the ability to do some MiFi-like tethering thanks to jailbreaking). But really, once the iPad is loaded up with some books and some of my more beloved games, I think it’ll be just fine not having a 3G chip.

    Why 32GB? I want more than 16 but don’t want to spend the cash to get the 64. I figure next year there will be a 64GB 3G version for the same $599 I’m going to spend this year, and by then it will be welcomed.

    And you can bet I’ll be there the morning it’s released. Classes don’t take precedence over world-changing moments.

  4. I’m passing all together. After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and deciding that I was going to have one as soon as it was released, no matter what, I’m waiting for the next version to be come out. I had an iPod touch, and sold it when I bought my iPhone. I love everything about my iPhone, but not once and not ever, as I pulled it out of my pocket, have I wished it was much larger and had no phone or camera. I really don’t need another super sized iPod Touch. To me, that is essentially what the iPad is. When it was unveiled, I jumped for joy. When I discovered what it was, I felt like I had been sucker punched. Sorry Apple. Make just a few changes and I’ll stand in a line for it. As it is, I’m not even remotely interested…

  5. I have an iPhone but my wife had been waiting to choose between the iPad and a Kindle DX. After some discussion, she has decided to go with the 32GB 3G version. This will be her “laptop” and it should work for what she wants.

    We will also preorder. Nearest Apple store is a couple of hours away (with traffic) and a day or two isn’t going to make a huge difference. BTW, you can sign up at Apple for notification of when preorders will be accepted.

  6. I’m happy to read what @Kryptik has to say. Those of you hoping for a great ereader might want to look a bit further…I would not want to read for long on a backlit screen, & also would not want to pay $15 for a book. The Kindle ebooks available on Amazon may get more expensive too, thanks to Jobs & the way he is throwing his weight around & forcing Amazon to raise its prices. No iPad for me, ever…for traveling, I’d much rather have a netbook. And even if I loved it, I am beginning to think that I’d rather stick to the principle of boycotting Apple products, whenever possible.

  7. I’m not usually one of the “first adopters” of new tech goodies. I waited until the new iMacs had been out for a year before I got mine – but a lot of that had to do with waiting for the developers to make their apps compatible with the new Intel chips. And until just over a year ago, I didn’t even own an iPod.
    Having said that, I WILL be getting an iPad as soon as they’re available. No standing in line for me – I’ll order online or wait for until the lines die down at the stores.
    Right now I’m leaning toward the 32GB non-3G, but I may kick it up to the 64GB model. I won’t be getting the 3G for the same reason I don’t have an iPhone – AT&T. I don’t know about where you live, but here in the ATL they’re a distant # 2 to Verizon in coverage, call quality, and customer support. If the big V had the iPhone, I’d have one too. Simple as that.

  8. I’m the type of guy that wants the latest and greatest. Will get the 64GB 3G version. Luckily for me I personally know the manager of one of the Apple stores. So I already got one reserved for me…shhh

  9. 64GB non-3G model.

    I think that Wi-Fi will handle all of my communicating needs. If I have to do communicating on the road, I will use my Iphone.

  10. No multitasking, no Flash = no deal. It’s not a phone. It’s not a pocket-sized handheld. It’s a netbook-sized gizmo that could do much more than just read books or run 1 app at a time, but doesn’t. Why would I buy such a device to play iPhone-eqse games ? I want to surf the Web without restrictions, including Flash. A huge chunk of the internet is based on flash, including many many video streaming sites. Apart from Youtube which has its own app, the rest are going to be out of reach on the iPad. What a bummer.

  11. I was really excited when it was announced. Seems like a step later and everyone in the world will have on instead of a computer. The no contract 3G option is a very nice touch and in my opinion, worth the extra $130 or so. However, I am waiting for the next version as well. If it Apple wants this device to be in the hands of billions, they will need to put on a new OS, preferably Mac OS X šŸ™‚

  12. I couldn’t agree more with chriszzz. If I’d want to fork out a considerable amount of my paycheck to a new gadget, I don’t want Steve Jobs to be able to decide what software I can install; that should be MY decision. To me, the iPad is nothing more than an oversized iPhone.

  13. The big daddy for me: 64GB 3G.

    Now, before Weds I was not interested in a 3G model and the $60 per month contract we all assumed would come with it, but the no contract options announced with the iPad are a game changer. I will probably not have the 3G service enabled most of the time. However, before a trip I will happily shell out $30 to turn on unlimited 3G for a month as opposed to paying $10 a night (or more) hotel WiFi fees. Then I’ll cancel when I get home. Rinse, repeat as needed. This new model is a HUGE win for Apple & AT&T, IMHO.

    To address the naysayers:

    Flash: I’ve lived without Flash on the iPhone for almost 3 years. Haven’t really missed it. Never liked it in the first place. The quickest way to get me to NEVER visit your website again is to greet me with an obnoxious Flash intro. The only Flash site I’d really like to to have on the iPad is Hulu – but frankly, with Hulu going pay later this year it will become less attractive.

    Multitasking: A very legitimate criticism. However, consider this: Before Wednesday, it was widely rumored that part of the announcement would be iPhone OS 4.0. But nothing on that, and we now know that the iPad will be running 3.2. Which means the other size 4.0 shoe is still to drop, probably no later than WDCC in June. I will be VERY shocked if iPhone/iPad OS 4.0 doesn’t include some form of multitasking support. Bottom line: I firmly believe that the lack of multitasking is going to be an issue for only a few months. By the end of summer we’ll all be running OS 4.0 and multitasking on our (compatible) iPhones, Touches, and iPads.

    “It’s nothing but a big iPhone”: I’m sorry, but if you think this you aren’t paying attention. I can refute that argument with five letters: iWork. For $30 I will be able to get what appear to be very well-designed touch versions of the word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet apps I use daily on my regular Mac. That means I can do all the stuff I previously needed a notebook for on the iPad. That to me was the deal-maker. Sold.

    Oh yeah, I’ll pre-order from the Apple Store. Lines are for folks with (apparently) more free time than I have. Apple gives GREAT free shipping service – two days after it ships from China my iPad will be at my door.

  14. I thought I read somewhere that the GPS feature is only available on the models with 3G. Can someone confirm?

    As to whether or not I’ll get one… I’ll wait a few weeks until the reviews come in and there are no major gotchas. In general I never buy v1.0 of anything new.

    That said I’ll probably pick one up at some point. I love my iPod Touch but I hate surfing on it (screen too small). The iPad is also perfect for the kids to watch a movie on (again, the Touch screen is too small).

  15. Am I right in thinking there is no 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPad? serious omission, maybe THE most serious.

  16. No camera? No buy. I’m not getting one until they include a camera. I really don’t need the 3G, but it would be nice to be able to use it to ichat or Skype. You can do that now on their imacs and macbooks. Why not the ipad?

  17. Since I like to have a lot of data with me, I will get the 64gb non-3g version.

    For those that just have to criticize the iPad (yes I know it’s not perfect), the title of this thread is “Question for those early adopters..” No where does it say “are you going to be an early adopter, and if not, why?”. There are plenty of places to voice your displeasure of the device, this thread is really not one of them.

  18. Figure i’ll go with a 32Gb wifi only. Already have a MiFi device that will give me access to 3G in the iPad while i’m on the go if i really need it.

  19. No 3G. $30 a month is ridiculous just so you have a few more places to get internet. ATT 3G is slow and flakey most places anyway. I think it’s a big ripoff.

  20. I can’t afford another internet/data bill in my budget. I prefer all that iPad “power” in my pocket, so I will wait for the next iPhone version (hopefully in summer). No iPad for me.

  21. Hi, I think Leo LaPorte was right, when he said that the 16GB model was the sweet one to go for, if you combine it with a mifi unit.

  22. I want to try it first. I don’t have a lap top and if the keyboard is as easy to use as a conventional one, I will probably go for it. However, I won’t be in that much of a hurry.

  23. I would go with 64 GB wifi version. My IPhone handles the 3G.

    I am not going to stand in line. Going to wait and see if Apple will address mutitasking and flash (a long wait maybe).

  24. I am leaning toward the 32GB no 3G. I like the idea of turning on the 3G when on trips but I really don’t travel enough to offset the $130 price. My wife will be getting the 16GB no 3G model.

  25. Couldn’t have said it better than @chriszzz

    No mulittasking…no Flash…no deal. A bigger version of my iPhone I don’t need. Haven’t seen an answer to this…is there a built-in GPS chipset? If not, FAIL again IMHO.

  26. I am a little on the fence, but I am pretty sure I will not early adopt – and possibly will never get one. I think it is an interesting convergent device but it would have been better if it ran OSX.

    First, I love that it has a nice size screen and good battery life. It could potentially replaceme 99% of what I use my Netbook for especially if they made it play all kinds of video (which is 80% of what I use my netbook for). I like that the 3G is pretty affordable, so if I got one, I would have to think I would get the 3G version. I wish I could get 3G for my laptop / netbook for that price. I honestly use my iPhone 90% for data and hardly ever make phone calls.

    I could almost imagine getting one of these and dropping the data plan on my phone EXCEPT I do use my iPhone data while standing in Best Buy and such where this would be less convenient to carry all the time – the iPhone easily just fits in my pocket all the time.

  27. I’ll be buying the $500 base model.

    The role in my life that the iPad will fill is basically that of a coffee-table-centric always-on device. I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where the iPad would be something I’d want to take with me when I leave the house, which makes 3G pointless.

    As for storage, I don’t see myself needing more than 16GB. I have a 16GB iPhone 3G, and it’s about half-full (and that’s with all 11 pages almost full of apps). I already have a half-dozen ways to listen to music at home, so I won’t need to store music on the iPad. That leaves apps, books, and video as the primary content. Other than games, apps are small, books are always tiny, and I don’t see the point in storing more video than the iPad can play back on a single charge.

    I’m keeping an open mind about it, though… if I find that I’m bumping up against that 16GB limit frequently, or if I discover that I really do have more than an occasional need for 3G on the iPad, that will just give me an excuse to buy the updated model that will surely be released in 2011.

  28. Oh, and regarding standing in line on release day: I have two Apple stores within driving distance, and there’s still no way I’m standing in line. I’ll be ordering mine online and thanking the UPS man profusely when it is delivered just a few days later. What is the internet for if not to help us spend less of our lives standing in lines?

  29. I’ll be picking one up, probably the 32g non-3G model. I’ll put Docs-To-Go on it and probably use it as a very portable travel device. I have an iPhone and don’t need the iPad to have to connect to ATT.
    I think a lot of people are trying to compare this to the iTouch, I read a lot of complaints as to why would anyone want a 10″ iPod, but I think people are forgetting that the SDK were also shipped, meaning there is going to be a quantity of apps built specifically for the iPad. I personally think that, given the right marketing, the iPad could be a tremendous business tool especially for a road warrior. Just my thoughts.

  30. I’m still on the fence but if I get one it will be the 32GB non 3G. I don’t understand why there’s such a big jump in price for more flash storage. I’m lucky enough to work in Charlotte NC which has 4G and I just ordered my Sprint Overdrive 3G / 4G mobile hotspot.

  31. I think the MAIN reason why the iPad is a letdown for people is because they expected it to be a handy, portable, revolutionary REPLACEMENT for your current laptop/tablet pc.

    I don’t think Apple EVER promoted it as such, but I think folk’s imaginations got the best of them, so when the iPad was introduced, it didn’t live up to folk’s expectations…IN THEIR MINDS.

    I think this is a great media consumption tool on steroids – nothing more nothing less. I will get the 32gb with 3G and use it on the go the browse the web (and not have to squint) on the go, and as a remote control/media player/home automation/energy management screen when I am at home.

  32. I really wanted a camera for iChat in it, but besides that it’s perfect for my needs, so I will get a 16GB non-3G version and get the camera version next year (or later), and then get the 32 version (at least). I don’t think I’ll get the 3G (since I got an iPhone), but being a nerd, you never know.

  33. I’m undecided about getting one and if so which model. For me, the decision hinges on whether I want an EBOOK READER and a big screen to show my latest DIGITAL PHOTOS (way easier to pass around at the local coffee house or brewpub than my macbook pro). I have an iPhone so I don’t want another 3G bill and I would rather travel with my iPhone and a paperback book. I’m predisposed to get the cheapest model and upgrade when generation 2 comes out.

  34. I am either getting a 32 or 64GB model, no 3G. I have my cell phone (Palm Pre) that can act as a WiFi access point if necessary.

    I am leaning toward the 64GB model. My plan now is to get rid of my MacBook Pro (by giving it away, selling it, etc), and buy a 21.5″ iMac and an iPad.

  35. I’ll leaning towards a 32G 3G iPad. I’ll probably wait a little while to see what people think once they have it in their hands. Since I live in a rural area, I don’t have lots of WiFi available. I may end up doing like Chris S above and only using the 3G on travel. But I want the option.

  36. I’ve got a question for those of you more knowledgeable that I on this iPad thing. A friend of mine at work is adamant that Apple has already made known that they will be coming out with “gen 2” and “gen 3” iPads, each to contain progressively more features, such as actual cell phone voice capability and a webcam for Skype. I’ve not been able to find anything about this.

    Seems a bit premature to me. Anyone heard anything about this?

  37. @Andy : Apple does not make pre-announcements on next generation products. They are one of the most secretive companies around when it comes to product plans and launches.

    BUT, it is a 100% given that Apple WILL release a Gen 2, Gen 3, and so on of the iPad. All their products are always released in versions that add incremental features( assuming that it doesn’t get killed off first ), all designed to dazzle customers so that they will part with their money to get the latest and the best. Granted, all companies do this to some extent, but Apple is a master of this art.

    No one will know for sure whats going to be in the next version of the iPad, but it will surely be better, faster, and probably roughly at the same price point or less.

  38. @chriszzz : Thanks, that’s what I was thinking as well. I have no idea where he was getting his information. I think he may have have either been confusing the iPad and all of the other “tablet” products that are coming out, OR the non-3G and 3G versions of the iPad.

  39. Considering the 3G with either 16 or 32 GB. I will stand in line so I can be one of the first to own the device on launch day. Take the trains often so I really need carrier connectivity..and besides, its non contract so I can do it month to month. Similar to Andy, I have a 16gb iPhone and is not even half full.

    I am wondering though..does the iPad support PDFs? The Kindles do but not the functionalities that are essential (like being able to enlarge text)

  40. I desperately wanted an iphone back in 07′, but I decided to re-enlist with Sprint instead. I’m glad I waited, because those clowns got raped. My contract with Sprint has now ended and I just got the iphone 3G last week. It seemed slow so I took it back and exchanged it for the 3G-S, which is super fast. At home, when coupled with my WIFI network, the speed is incredible.

    My and my fiancee’ bought a new Macbook Pro a couple weeks ago. My Windows machine now sits abandoned, as we both fight over the Mac. I’m loving my conversion to Mac. I’m an advanced tech user and I can tell you with as surety that Windows sucks!

    The iPad is the missing link between the amazing iPhone and my Macbook Pro. It is a must have device. I don’t care about the 3G and 16 GIGs is plenty. All my (already purchased) iPhone apps will play on it. Also, the incredible iPhone developers will shock us even more with the glorious apps that are sure to follow for the iPad.

    Because I missed out on the initial iPhone “bend over and and let Apple give it to you in the a$%” party, I’m sure to be an early adopter. I don’t use webcams and once I hook a decent keyboard up to that puppy the world will change forever!

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