iSmartCase iPod Touch Case Review

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This is going to be a very short review. Not because I don’t like the product, but because there really isn’t much to talk about. The iSmartCase is a protective case designed to keep your iPod touch safe. There are a million and one different cases out there that you can buy. However this case is basically a glorified eyeglass case. I do understand the reasoning for this design. I will say that it is fantastic for when you are transporting your device. But not so much when it comes to actually using your device.

While your iPod Touch is in this case you really can’t use it in the way it’s supposed to be used. Again for the transportation of your device or when it is in your gear bag not being used, this case is great. But when you are ready to use your iPod, you still have to take it out of the case to use it and you are still faced with the potential to drop it and damage your device anyway.

If you do decide that you want one of these cases you can hop over to And you will find that you have a few options to choose from. At a price point of $19-$23, you can choose from a plain colored fabric or a leatherette covered case, to a bonded leather case. And you also have your choice of colors as well. So in short, this case is very simplistic, a glorified eyeglass case, but is great for transporting your device. It is definitely not the most practical product but at least if people see it sitting out, there is less chance of someone stealing it because they will think it’s your glasses.


Product Information

  • Excellent for transporting your device
  • Not practical
  • Kind of pricey for what it actually is

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  2. I remember this company or a version of it from back in the Handspring Visor days, and thinking even then it was a rather… lame idea. Well-made, from what I can see, but as reported- it is just a carry case.

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