Eliminate Cable Clutter with the IDAPT Charging System

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If you love your gadgets, but hate the cable clutter that goes along with them, the IDAPT charging system looks like an interesting solution to that problem. It’s a table top dock that is available in two configurations. One can charge two devices at once and the other can charge three. The dock can be customized by plugging in small charger tip modules that are compatible with your devices. The 3 slot model is priced around $72 and the 2 slot model is priced at $50. Both docks either come with 6 pre-packaged common tips, or 4 tips of your own choosing.

5 thoughts on “Eliminate Cable Clutter with the IDAPT Charging System”

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  2. Now THIS is a gadget I could embrace, for my over-embracing of gadgets. I have WAY too many power bricks and adaptors!

  3. Just ordered the silver one for the three gadgets. I have a N1, X1a, and an itouch to charge dang it…wait I’ll have to switch it up with my Aliph Icon!! Decisions decisions…maybe they will make a charging tree?

  4. At first I thought this was ridiculous. Then as I tried to un-clutter my home desk for my new 27″ iMac, I now see the need for this! I want!

  5. Had been using this device for at least 6 months. The device do charge gadgets simultaneously without a hitch. Reduces the clutter of having to charge each gadget with one charger. The only caveats- I ordered the 3 slot model but only 2 slots work. The 3rd slot had a defect but did not return the unit due to postage charges. Overall, I am satisfied with the product.

  6. I like the concept, but unfortunately this product isn’t available yet for use in the United State or Canada. The power cord for North America is in development and thus “coming soon.”

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