Wave Goodbye to Heat with a Targus CoolWave Laptop Stand

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I like this laptop stand / cooler from Targus mainly for its simple yet funky design. The CoolWave is designed as its name suggests, it has a wave-like shape that allows hot air from the laptop’s base to quickly dissipate. It has non-skid feet and slots for routing cables. The sub $15 price tag is pretty nice too.

7 thoughts on “Wave Goodbye to Heat with a Targus CoolWave Laptop Stand”

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  2. This looks really nice. It’s probably more stable than my home-made attempt to do the same thing – I put two bottle caps under the rubber feet on the back of my laptop. My laptop stays cooler now, but the caps tend to slide out of position, making my laptop “rocky”.

  3. I have a Belkin cool pad with a fan. The fan is NOISY! This quiet Cool Wave looks great for table top use, but I wonder how well it works if you have your laptop on your lap top.

  4. Some laptops have an optional extended battery that raises the laptop in the same way giving you better ventilation at the same time. I would go for that option every time 🙂

  5. Targus Ergonomic X-Stand for Laptops Model AWE09US :


    not all laptops produce heat in that vicinity. i love the marketing behind this stuff because it preys upon unknowing consumers.

    but if needs to be as portable as 4 pens wide and just as tall then the X-stand is awesome. i own it and it is very low profile and good for portable use. passive as this unit and in my opinion stable with adjustable telescoping arms to support up to 17″ models.

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