Keep a watch on your child with the nu.m8

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loc8t e1262463067563Lok8u has created the world’s first GPS locator device specifically designed to be worn by children. The nu.m8 is a child’s digital watch which cannot be removed or deactivated without your knowledge. If this should happen an instant alert is sent straight to your phone and/or email with your child’s location. You can even set up a virtual fence as a ‘safe zone’. If your child steps outside this zone you’ll be notified via an alert to your phone. The only downside to the nu.m8 is that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the notification service and that it is currently only available in the UK. Would you buy a gadget like this for your child?

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  2. It’s funny how Lok8u’s website has the slogan “give your kids freedom..and you peace of mind” and a picture of a kid on a ledge of a cliff. I don’t know about you but that won’t give me peace of mind knowing my kick is so dangerously close to the edge. Does the GPS also have an altimeter warning function?….hmmm

  3. Donald Schoengold

    I am a grandparent. However, if I was younger, I would like to think that I would not be that paranoid about my child’s safety.

    I suspect that if you look at the statistics, our kids today are just as safe (or unsafe) as they were before we had all this technology. It is just that we hear about problems more because of the internet, etc.

    When I was a teenager (maybe 15), I and 2 buddies went alone on a multiday bike trip. My parents knew where we were going to stay and we had to call in every day. Can you imagine a parent allowing that today?

  4. realistically, how good is this at maintaining and regaining a gps lock in an urban environment? I can see a lot of worried parents wondering why the signal has vanished, when their kid has popped indoors (or into a shopping centre).

  5. I’d liketo say that I’m above that, and that I can forget about what my kids can do, but I’m affraid I’m tempted. Donald you mentioned simultaneously that you feel kids are as safe sa before, just perception changed, but then assume no parent would allow thiers kids to do what you did… kind of contradictory…

    Now I do feel that the Internet amplifies what’s around us and increases the paranoia effect. However, there are also a whole new breed of creeps that used to keep quiet that now feel empowered enough to get out and act on their feelings.

    Aso, you can’t deny the fact that we are that much individualized from previous generations. We used to say that it took a village to raise a child… that implied that everybody pretty much took care of everybody else within a community. Now it’s good if you even KNOW your neigborgh’s name! That’s why parents feel they have to rely on themselves to take care of their children, and where a gadget like this one becomes handy; it allows them to carry their duty, and allow their children to wander away. I think it meets all requirements and has a way in the market.

    I admit it is far from a perfect situation, but in our times, maybe it is just the best compromise around…

  6. This is NOT the first at all. Several years ago Wherify had a device that does exactly this. Same marketing pitch. They eventually converted the device into a small cell phone that had only 4 or so preset numbers. Matt Neher was the the CEO back then. Don’t know if they are still around. They were in South San Francisco back then. The device locked onto the child and had the a GPS/CDMA set up.

  7. I remember all of the Wherify advertising and such that is one reason why I am a little confused to how this can be called the world’s first. Last I knew for sure was in the middle of 2008 Wherify Wireless was talking about and I think they did merge with Lightyear. Wherify stock symbol was WFYW and Lightyear is based out of Louisville, KY. I am glad to see someone releasing a product of this nature just to help push the technology and keep it out in the open. I would rather see how the technology is being developed then find out after it has become law. GPS tracking has been available for law enforcement use for several years. I support these efforts to commericalize the idea.

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