Environmentally Friendly with a Sense of Humor

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reusable-plastic-cupThese tabletop items from Vat19 can help you do your part to reduce waste and appeal to your sense of humor.  They offer a line of reusable melamine plates and cups that look like their wasteful cousins.  There are melamine “paper” plates that look like the thin, pleated edge paper products – set of four for $14.95.  A set of four melamine versions of those red plastic party cups is $13.95.  Somewhat more expensive is the “I am Not a Paper Cup” porcelain coffee mug with a silicone sipping lid.  It’s double walled for insulation, looks like those paper cups from coffee houses, and costs $15.95.  My husband, known for his efforts to go paperless, showed up with one of these at work.  His boss had a gleeful look as he started to give Butch a hard time about his wasteful cup – but then was disappointed when he heard it clink on the table.  So – have some fun while helping save the planet!

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4 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly with a Sense of Humor”

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  2. I wish they’d make these out of something other than melamine. Not such a problem for the cups, but the psuedo-paper plates can’t go in the microwave, which makes them less useful.

    But I do like them, and I’m angling for a “I’m Not A Paper Cup” for Christmas.

  3. I don’t rightly get the whole “let’s make things look like something they’re not” phenomena. I could totally see these getting chucked into a garbage can by an unknowing guest at a busy or hectic party or event. Now, the “I’m Not A Paper Cup”, I get a little more because it’s attuned more for an individual who won’t toss it on accident. That is just IMHO.

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