Headset Buddy – Weird Name, Neat Idea

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hbuddy_fig1The purpose of the Headset Buddy ($9.95 to $14.95 available from Webko)  ) is a little hard to conceptualize or appreciate at first glance.  In fact it is rather a niche type of product.  For those of us who a) do not enjoy clutter; b) do not particularly care about Blue Tooth (gasp); and c) appreciate gadgets that make ones life easier even though they are not glamorous (the gadgets that is), this is indeed a nice buddy to have.

The main idea behind the products is to allow you to either a) use your telephone headset with your PC [which is what I’m doing right now with my “Phone Headset-to-PC Buddy”] or use your fancy gaming or Skype PC headset with your phone.  So if you have a favorite head phone set (say noise-canceling or super comfortable) you can pair it up with a headset buddy and save a little space.  Neat. Concise. Useful.


Product Information

Price:$9.95 - $14.95
  • Does what it says, saves space, multiple headsets
  • Could be considered a bit pricey

3 thoughts on “Headset Buddy – Weird Name, Neat Idea”

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  2. hrmf, i would rather see a wire system where one could have two or more devices plugged into a single headset, say if carrying a phone and a dap at the same time…

  3. Robin,

    Thanks for writing about the Headset Buddy! In addition to saving space and clutter, the Headset Buddies can save money so you don’t have to buy another fancy headset. We’re always coming out with new products. Next month we’ll have one that lets you use your iPhone headset with your PC, say when you’re traveling or working at a coffee shop.

    Let us know if you have any more suggestions for products.


    Bryan Daigle

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