Droid Eris vs. Droid

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DroidvsErisTomorrow marks the launch of Verizon’s first two Android phones. I have spent over a week with the Droid, but have only had the Eris for a couple of days. Since Verizon decided to call their first Android phone the Droid, and add that name to all successive Android phones, I will be referring to the Motorola Droid as simply Droid, and the Droid Eris as simply Eris.

I am still wrapping up the full review of the Droid, and want to spend a little more time with the Eris before finishing that review, so I will not have both reviews in time for tomorrow’s launch. Now I doubt you all are on the edge of your seat waiting for my final reviews, but if you are anything like me, you like all the data you can get. So with the caveat that I have not spent much time with the Eris, I want to give you information on which of these two excellent phones are best for you. I will not be declaring a best, because that is just silly, it depends on your specific wants and desires.

So we are going to start with the basics. You like Android, you want to get a new phone, and you are on Verizon, or don’t mind switching.

Why You Should Buy a Droid

You want the biggest, highest resolution screen. The display on the Droid is simply stunning. It is 3.7″ WVGA (480 x 854 pixels).

You want the fastest processor. The Droid comes with a 550 MHz processor versus Eris’ 528 MHz processor. Using Linpack for Android the Droid scores 4.507 Mflops/second versus Eris’ 2.315. But this only rates the floating point computing power. Part of the improvement could be a better interpreter in Eclair. I include results from Benchmark by softweg at the bottom of this post. I was surprised how poorly the Droid scored on graphics performance, though that could be because of the higher resolution screen.

You want an Android 2.0 (Eclair) device. Droid ships with Eclair, but HTC is working on updating the Sense UI for Eclair, and will should release an update. Verizon has announced that an update for the Eris to Eclair is coming in 2010.

You want the most memory. I actually used a widget called Internal Memory Widget. It displays how much memory (i.e. RAM) you are using and how much is available. The Droid shows 261 MB available, and the Eris 159 MB. But the G1 (or at least my G1 on Donut) only has 74 MB, so 159 is a big step up.

You want the most storage. The Droid comes with a 16 GB SD card, while the Eris has only an 8 GB card. But, it’s an SD card, you can upgrade it later if you need to.

You want a physical keyboard. Eris does not have a physical keyboard, but it’s not like any mobile phone’s keyboard is touch-typing ready. This Droid’s seems a step down form the G1 (though that could still be because I have used the G1 for a year).

EDIT (how did I forget this?):
You want turn by turn navigation. Droid has the very cool new turn by turn navigation from google, but whenever HTC upgrades their Sense UI it will should as well.

Why you Should Buy an Eris

Size matters to you. This is the smallest, sleekest Android phone on the market. It seems even smaller because of its tapered corners, but the Droid is not exactly huge.

It is a sexy, sexy phone. Sorry, cannot find a better explanation. I love the lines, I love the rubberized exterior, I love the Sense UI. But, if you like a more industrial design, the Droid is more in your line.

You want the Sense UI. It’s only available on HTC phones, and it is a great interface. But it is built on top of Android, so with every new release of Android you  need to wait for the Sense UI to be updated to the new OS.

You want a better low-light camera. I will definitely test it more, but the Eris phone seems to handle low light much better than the droid, even at the same MP. This really showed up in Shop Savvy. But, this is your phone. You can buy a separate camera.

You love widgets. The Sense UI has 7 screens to the Home view. This compares to 3 for the droid. In addition, there are a number of HTC widgets that are just fabulous, including ones to display contacts, mail and messages.

You want to save $100. The Eris is going to be $99 versus $199 for the Droid. But, this is a 2-year contract, that works out to a little over $4 a month so you don’t want to be penny-wise, pound-foolish.

You want your Exchange calendar events to appear on the same calendar as the rest. On Eclair, Exchange calendar events show up in the Corporate Calendar app, not the main calendar. Eris places them in a unified calendar, color-coded. But, it’s not always bad to separate your work and personal calendars.

You like a physical Call and End button. I miss the call and end button on the Droid. I am just used to tapping call to bring up my phone and contacts list, and the end button to hang up. But, that is a preference thing, you may not care.

You like your Home button on the left. For some reason the Droid chose to swap the back and home buttons. I found this very annoying, and goes against other Droid phones, and even other phones on the market. But, it’s not like you will be switching phones constantly, you will get used to it.


These are two really strong phones. I thought this was going to break down to choosing a power phone versus choosing a lite version. The Eris really holds its own against the Droid making it a difficult choice. Not really a bad thing.

You should also know that there are rumors that Verizon may release 1 or 2 more Android devices by the end of the year. I have no inside knowledge, no Verizon rep or PR person told me this, but you can see the rumors out there. But, how many times have folks known Apple was releasing a tablet? There is always going to be something better coming out, at some point you need to buy.

Good luck deciding between these two excellent phones. I don’t think you can really go wrong with either.

Graphics Eris Droid
Total graphics score 113.90 16.92
Draw opacity bitmap
(MPixels per sec)
56.26 5.05
Draw transparent bitmap
(MPixels per sec)
13.40 5.30
CPU Whetstone
Total CPU score 166.45 410.22
MWIPS DP (MWIPS(DP)) 11.66 31.31
MWIPS SP (MWIPS(SP)) 12.93 30.91
MFLOPS DP (MFLOPS(DP)) 2.28 3.73
MFLOPS SP (MFLOPS(SP)) 3.05 4.89
7.85 22.15
8.47 20.99
Total memory score 149.34 285.99
Copy memory (Mb/sec) 135.70 259.88
Total file system score 36.25 70.36
Creating 1000 empty
files (sec)
8.74 6.26
Deleting 1000 empty
files (sec)
3.25 4.47
Write 1M into file
1.51 2.66
Read 1M from file
71.43 138.89
SD card perfomance
Creating 250 empty files
10.05 13.41
Deleting 250 empty files
15.65 11.05
Write 1M into file
3.31 12.12
Read 1M from file
55.56 129.87

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  2. I don’t mean to be a grammar Nazi but, do you mean GB not MB?

    “You want the most storage. The Droid comes with a 16 MB SD card, while the Eris has only an 8 MB card. But, it’s an SD card, you can upgrade it later if you need to.”

  3. They both look really good.
    Is it possible to modify one of the physical buttons on the Droid to make it accept calls? Cause having a physical call button is much better IMO.

    But possible typo:
    “16 MB SD card, while the Eris has only an 8 MB card”
    Seems really small :p

  4. LOL, thanks guys. I am old enough to remember when a MB was a lot of memory. Shoot, I remember pushing in memory chips to max out an Appple ][+ to 64 KB.

    The Drois has no physical buttons on the face. The 4 buttons at the bottom are under the touchscreen. Kind of like the buttons on the older Palms in the Graffiti area. The only physical buttons are on the side in the power button, volume rocker and camera shutter.

  5. This is a really nice comparison. I especially like the “But”‘s. Sound like me trying run my logic by my wife! The only critical bullet missing (for me) is battery life. Can you comment on that?

  6. @Greg
    That is one of the things I am wanting to check with the Eris. It is a slimmer Hero, and has a smaller battery, so its performance should be not quite as good as the Hero.

    Keep in mind, it seems all the app phones (iPhone, Android, WinMo) of any sort of power are “1-day phones”. The Droid seems to have better battery life than my G1, but I still need to charge it every night (or have it die mid-day on day 2).

  7. I just wanted tos ay this was a great way to compare. So many places I have been to do the same I have read it all and said “ok… so whats the bottom line” ha ha! the BUT’s are definately a great way to actually consider. I had to tell sales guys at work the same thing about once Sense UI is updated, the droid and eris will not be much different! Weird how the Eris performs better in several data and display areas. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for this insightful review.

    I was mega-disappointed. Went into Verizon all Droid-hyped up, only to see the Eris next to it (NEVER heard about it until that moment)–much cuter AND cheaper.

    Torn, I left without anything. Don’t know what I want!

  9. @Elissa,
    Oh I felt the same way, I heard such good reviews of the droid and I finally checked it out, to get it hands on. And there it was, in the corner so sleek and beautiful. (I like Droid’s style, it reminds me of Zune HD. And that looks very slick. But Eris won.) First off the keyboard. The Droid itself would have been better if it got rid of that button on the side and made the keyboard bigger, it’s too cramped. And since I will probably be using the virtual more, I left very confused. There were other reasons too. (Eclair Obviously) This post helped. But I’m still really on the fence. And 100 dollars cheaper?! *cry*

  10. I went to Verizon today and felt the same way, I saw this little Eris and now I am unsure which one to get. How much longer until Android 2.0 is available on the Eris I wonder. AHHHH!

  11. @Tabitha

    Not long, but HTC will have to update a few things before it has all the features the DROID does.

    Oh and I think you might have missed one thing. Multi-touch, I was under the impression Eris has Multi-touch(pinch zoom and all that). That’s another reason I couldn’t decide.

  12. My only concern is how long will it be before the Sense UI is updated to include turn-by-turn navigation? Are we talking weeks, months, or years?

  13. @Cameron
    Multi-touch is definitely in the Eris. Can use it with the browser and looking at pictures on the phone. As I mentioned in the post, this was written VERY early after my access to the phone. So again, my points are preliminary.

    I have used the Eris more now, and choosing between the two is NOT an easy decision.

  14. @Joy
    I have absolutely no inside knowledge, but the Google navigation isn’t really a part of the OS. It IS a new feature of the 2.0 OS, but a separate program. I would not expect it to impact the update of the Sense UI.

  15. Count me among the struggling, after 3 trips to the Verzon store, I still have no droid phone. Went for the Droid but the force pulled me to Eris. Far more appealing phone in my opinion. I will buy an HTC phone but with talk of a 1 GB Snapdragon version running Eclair, I am struggling not to go and buy the Eris tomorrow. If you have been yearning for an iPhone, Eris is the one to check first.

  16. I too am conflicted. I went to the Verizon store yesterday and was really, really impressed with the Eris. I expected the Droid to be head and shoulders above the Eris, but it wasn’t. The Eris was actually more impressive to me. I am not sure if the Sense UI is what makes it smoother and more responsive, but that is what I experienced. The Droid keyboard is practically useless to me, so that feature is thrown out the window IMO. Plus, the screen wobbled slightly when swiping my finger from left to right. Maybe that isn’t an issue, but I can’t help but think that over the long term that would drive me nuts.

    With the impending 2.0 update for the Eris, to me it comes down to form factor, or maybe the screen resolution. A friend of mine got the Droid and he said that video is simply stunning on the screen. I spend most of my time on my phone surfing the web, texting, and email. So with the multi-touch implementation on the Eris browser (which plays flash animations by the way), the Eris is the choice for me.

  17. I live in Tampa Fl,I presently have a Samsung Delve I am a holdover from Alltel.I want a phone I can get my Road Runner E-mail watch some TV if doing nothing , and a great battery life more than a half a day,what provider has the best coverage and great service,would I be better having the Droid or the HTC Imagio or the HTC Touch Pro 2 ? Thanks Rich

  18. At least, I think the Eris is for me. Let’s just hope to God that the Touch HD2 comes to Verizon and I won’t have to make this choice!!

  19. I went through all this torment and visited the stores at least 4 times. Ended up getting the Eris. I have had it for a few days and am very happy. However I do keep reading all the reviews because I have 30 days to return it. I don’t remember where I read it, but the droid is supposedly a better media phone. The video playback is better. Though from these benchmarks I am not too sure how that could be. So far I am keeping the Eris. The only thing that is irritating to me about the Eris is the virtual keyboard, but I am getting much better at it already. The 7 desktops are amazing. Keeps everything so nicely organized. The autofocus on the cam is pretty slick also. Good luck on your decision. my 2 cents.

  20. @CR
    Thanks for sharing. I am frustrated that I don’t have the time to finish the Eris review NOW. My paying gig is calling… lol.

    You hit on some of the key things I love about the Eris. I think the video thing with the Droid id the high-res, bright screen.

  21. I also have been to the Verizon store multiple times comparing the Droid and the Eris. The one thing that is holding me up from making a final decision on which phone to purchase is the calendar. I cannot seem to get the calendar on the Eris to go to landscape mode. This is pretty important to me in that I do a lot of calendar changes. Everything else seems to switch to landscape mode. Did you happen to find this while you were evaluating the phones?

  22. I just bought the Eris and I love it!! To me, the only major difference is the keyboard on the Droid. If you want to physically “feel” the keys, then the Droid is for you. I was amazed at the ease of downloading pictures and songs from my computer to the Eris! Just “click and drag” or even “copy and paste.” You can even add music from ITunes! I’ve downloaded several apps and the amount of free apps are endless. The pictures quality is great and playing back a movie trailer looks better than your TV. The internet speed is fast and e-mails are just a touch away. You can put a contact on your home page and just press and it calls them. The widget, Pandora, creates a “radio station” just for you. Just type in your favorite artist and it chooses other music that fits the same genre. Overall, GREAT PHONE! I have nothing bad to say! Thanks Verizon!!

  23. picked up the Motorola Droid, the keyboard is worthless, not user friendly, not worth the extra $100. So, returning the Droid to pick up the Eris. Furthermore, none of the applications on the Droid work.

  24. Thanks for a well written article!!!
    Do you know if either of these phones, or a similar model, will be made available to AT&T or T-Mobile?

    Please keep me posted on any further reviews you do on this.

  25. hey guys….have my <3 eris for 12 days now and there was no turning back once i got the two phones in my hand. i held the droid for 30 seconds, but once i grabbed the eris i was hooked. i agree with you all that this was one of the best comparisons. I love the 6 home screens and all the free apps. I recommend an app killer to help with battery life…I def have to charge her every night, but she's new and I can't stop playing!!!! I didn't want a keyboard and dug around to find the other 2 possible droid phones verizon is going to be adding. I think one was the htc passion and the other i don't remember. Personally, the eris won hands down…i am looking forward to the turn by turn gps and some other goodies 2.0 has to offer.

  26. There has been no official announcement that the Eris is going to get Eclair (Android 2.) – It is purely speculation on the author of this articles part, he is assuming that since it resilbed the Hero and the Hero is definitely getting 2.0, that the Eris will as well. It is going to suck for all of you who purchase the Eris based on this article and find out later that you are stuck with 1.5 and that he had no idea what he was talking about

  27. @Ben
    Thanks for your perspective on this. I only take issue with the comment that I have “no idea” what I am talking about. I DO have a little idea.

    1. If you look at the specs of the two phones (Eris and Hero) they have the same processor, same ROM, and same RAM.

    2. HTC said they were working to update the Sense UI to work with Android 2.0.

    3. They specifically said they would update the Hero to 2.0.

    4. There is no reason I know that would prevent the update from going to the Eris (see #1). Heck, hackers have fit 2.0 on the old G1 that has less RAM and ROM.

    5. Updating OS’ is part of the Android environment.

    Now here come the assumptions:
    1. HTC wants to sell the Eris for longer than a couple of months.

    2. More Android phones with 2.0 will be coming up.

    Therefore, I strongly believe that they will be updating the Eris to 2.0 shortly after they figure out how to make the Sense UI work with Eclair.

    Regardless, you do make a good point that it is not officially announced, and someone might interpret my wording as implying that. I will edit the post.

  28. Thanks for your reply. I apologize for the ‘no idea..’ remark. I did not intend it to be derogatory in any way (but after re-eading it, it does look that way. Apologies!)

    I actually went out and bought the Eris yesterday after reading yours and many other articles and am trying to get all the information and hear all the perspectives that I can during my 30 day buyers remorse period. I really hope that I did not make a mistake, because if 2.0 is not coming to the Eris, that is a dealbreaker for me.

    While I agree with your points, that it seems like a logical assumption to make, am a bit wary that there has been no official word of this yet (if its going to happen, why wait to tell us?)

    I’ve even asked the HTC Twitter a few times and have so far been ignored.

    I am crossing my fingers that our assumptions are correct and we’ll see Eclair soon. The Eris really is a nice phone.

  29. @Ben,

    lol, I have asked @HTC twice. No official answer.

    I would be totally shocked if there was not an upgrade, but I see your point, and I have been totally shocked by other tech companies bad moves.

    I have to think with the release of Nav for 1.6 that HTC HAS to upgrade past 1.5, and it doesn’t seem like they are even looking to go 1.6.

  30. After looking at the official HTC wiki and noticing that they have sections for all of their devices except the Eris, I became more concerned. It’s as if they are pretending like this device doesn’t exist.

    So I contacted HTC support to see if they could offer any additional info and here is what they had to say:

    Dear Ben,

    At this time we do not have any definate answer on IF and when an Eclair update will be release for the Eris. I apologize I do not have this information at hand to provide to you.

    Thank You,
    HTC Email Support
    Happy Holidays!

    These don’t look like good signs to me and I’ll likely be bringing it back during my ‘remorse period’ and picking up a Droid.

  31. Just to add to the debate. I recently read that Verizon has to initiate the update process. A update won’t just suddenly be made available to Eris owners. So, if Verizon decides not to request an update, there won’t be one. Big companies have a long history of making really stupid decisions and this just might be added to the ever-expanding list. I hope not. I too am wanting to buy an Android phone. An Eris with 2.0 or 2.1 would sell me, but I’m going to wait a bit longer to see what happens.

  32. Purchased the Eris today, the salesman told me specifically that there were “2” patches coming for the phone. One on Dec 13th, and another in possibly February. Guy didnt strike me as blowing smoke, he seemed 100% sure of what he was saying.

    So far I am thrilled with the phone, bit of a learning curve but since I am coming from an old Samsung 740 I dont have any pre-conceptions or bad habits. Nice in the pocket, comfortable in the hand. Great screen. I might have gone with the Droid had I known it had a dedicated GPU, but so far not disappointed at all with the performance on the Eris.

  33. I just got a new 2 year contract renewal on the Verizon network and went to the store to see what “droid” was all about. I had never heard of the Eris and after walking into the store I thought it was great. Im a heavy texter though and phones without a physical keyboard have really troubled me in the past. I was wondering if you have had any problems with the touch screen, particularly involving texting…
    Let me know, thanks

  34. So I went to the verizon store to see the hype about this droid & there I found the eris. I compared the two myself then had a rep compare them. I’m switching from the blackberry tour to the droid eris next week. Its small great screen fast internet & over seems like the best choice & for 99 dollars that isn’t bad at all.

  35. I have the Eris. It’s my first smart phone. The battery life is my only issue. I disabled the location and dim the brightness as much as possible and that seems to help. I’m just used to having to charge a phone every other day. The reviews on Verizon show better battery life on the Droid. so, I may change. But, as far as features and design, the Eris is the winner. So if your not on the go, go with the Eris.

  36. I’m leaning toward the Eris as well. I’ve always had issues with Motorola phones and I really don’t care to buy another one. The only thing that worries me is the smaller amount of memory. Do you know if you can install apps onto the SD card if you run out of internal memory like you can on Windows Mobile? Thanks!

  37. I haven’t tried the Eris so I cant really comment on it. But I’ve had my droid for about two weeks now and I love using it. The screen is bright and beautiful, the audio sounds great, the phone is very fast, responsive, and solid, and I find the physical keyboard great for serious texting, and the turn by turn navigation app has already come in handy a bunch of times.

  38. I picked up the Eris last night, despite the verizon manager who was hard selling the Droid. I didn’t like the physical keyboard on the Droid at all, and I am really starting to like the virtual keyboard on the Eris. My old phone was the $400 AT&T Tilt, and the Eris blows it out of the water. The Eris is what I was hoping for with the Tilt. It runs smooth, although sometimes a little slow.

    The screen on the Droid is definitely better than the Eris. If watching movies on a sub 4 inch screen is REALLY important to you, the Droid will be better for you. For the rest of us, movies look great on the Eris. I couldn’t imaging watching a whole movie on the phone though. These screens are both a fraction the size of a pc monitor, and I stream movies to the 360 instead of watching on that.

    I want an upgrade to 2.0, but to be completely honest, this is the best phone I have ever owned as it is – by a large margin. We got a free one, so this phone is basically $50 (for the rest of the weekend). That is just unreal for what the Eris can do.

    We left AT&T early just to get an Android phone, and it is worth the cancellation fee (only one of the phones was still under contract, 2 fees might have made us wait a bit).

    Thanks for the review. This was definitely the most informative review I have found. Most reviewers seemed to just want to point out any weaknesses compared to the iphone. BTW, for all of the iphone users: if you had an android phone, you could text while listening to Pandora. 🙂

  39. I had the same trouble choosing between phones but I eventually came to decide on the eris . I love the trackball over a plain d pad. The eris also seems so much faster than my friends droid and we have the same apps loaded. I know its a smaller processor but I’m serious it seems to handle its os a lot better than the droid. it also has the scenes option for the homescreen that the droid doesnt. And it feels like having half the weight in your hand and pocket. Also the physical red and green button were a huge factor for me. The battery is awesome as well it lasts a lot longer than my old bb storm. The pinch to zoom is sooo cool! And I personally use all 7 pages on the home so being limited to 3 would be awful.

    And stacey as for the texting I personally thinks its wonderful. It let’s you text in portrait or landscape and the the texting is very smooth and easy to use without mistakes. I’m actually writing this review using my eris.
    And I got my buy one get one free so technically It was only 50 for me.

    If you have the choice I would definitely go with the eris

  40. I just recently switched from AT&T to Verizon in order to get better service in the northern parts of Michigan. I went with the Eris and I do like it very much. In addition, I had an Iphone with AT&T so finding a phone that would be compatible was not an easy task. After having the Eris for a week, it does everything I could have ever wanted. The internet is a little slower, compared to the Iphone, but that is to be expected.

  41. The review as well as the comments have been very helpful. I’ve been wanting an iPhone so badly but I’m a die-hard Verizon user. Can anyone tell me if the Eris (which I’m leaning toward thanks to the comparison of it to an iPhone) can sync with a MAC at all? Specifically contacts, and ical? I understand that I have to use gmail for mail but haven’t heard anything definitive about the other applications.

  42. As far as the claim that the Eris runs faster than the Droid there are a few logical explanations that come to mind:

    A) Most importantly, they run different versions of the same linux distro, which can be akin to running two different OS’s, B) lots of folks dont know what a task manager is or how to use one. If there are lots of background processes running, then yes, of course one phone will be significantly slower than the other (in this case, noting that the Droid seemed slower), C) I also assume that when you mean the Droid runs slower, you are referring to navigation and the overall feel, which can probably be attributed to the HTC touch UI.

    There is no way that the Eris is faster than the Droid. The Droid has more memory and a better processor. So while the touch navigation may be snappier, I guarantee that memory or processor intensive apps will run considerably better on the Droid.

    Having said that, the Eris is a good phone, and I think the UI is its strongest feature. If you want a slick UI then I would deffinately go with the Eris, and even with the Android 2.0 update, I still think HTC will have a strong slick UI–thats what they seem to do best.

    I personally prefer the Droid because it does have better system specs which gives it more longevity as well as just making it all around snappier when it comes to running apps. I also dont know why people seem to complain about the keyboard so much either. I have very large hands and “fat finger” things all the time, but I don’t have as difficult a time with the droid slide out keyboard as people keep ranting about. Heck, the Droid keyboard reminds me of my Palm 700w keyboard, the keys are just about as big, or maybe even bigger than the Palm’s and people make it around just fine the Palm. The best part about using the keyboard is that you can actually see the application you are working with as you type instead of just getting an on-screen keyboard and either smashed up view of the app, or, worse yet, no view at all.

    The Eris is a great phone and it IS a better choice for certain folks because there is no such thing as one phone fits all. So yes, go out and buy an Eris if you think it looks sleek and sexy (and it does), but pound for pound, the Droid has it beat hands down in the muscle department.

  43. @Phillip

    I am really confused, where did I say the Eris runs faster than the Droid? The only time i mentioned speed advantage was with the graphics, and I pointed out that is probably due to the higher pixel count of the droid.

    So to be clear, you are absolutely right, the Droid has a faster processor (though we are talking 4%) and more memory. The included benchmarks show the Droid beating the Eris on everything but graphics performance.

  44. @Bryan,

    I appologize for the confusion sir, I was merely replying to comments that have been left by others. Several people replied that when they played with the two devices in the Verizon store the Eris “felt faster” than the Droid. My post was meant to clear of confusion on their behalf. I should have been more specific and I should have directed my post towards them.

    I take no issue with your article and I agree with you 100%. So, indeed, good writeup sir and sorry for the confusion there.

  45. I’ve had the ERIS for 2 weeks now and am extremely happy with it! I’m looking forward to the 2.0 upgrade though as the Verizon sales person I bought the ERIS from told me that it had turn by turn voice navigation and it doesn’t. Also, I want to play around with the new Google Goggles application but don’t have the 1.6 firmware upgrade but I hear it’s coming. Once this set of upgrades is done, it’ll be an even better phone than it already is!

  46. AH!!!!!!!!!! Information overload! I want to get the Eris pretty bad, but it seems like everyone has a different opinion on the phone? I’ve been told by 3 different Verizon reps (2 on the phone) and 1 in the store) that there will be a 2.0 update. Any more info on that yet? Several have also said the turn by turn navigation was the same on both phones?

    Anyway, any more info???

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  47. @Henry

    Yes there are. The music app on the Eris is nicer. I am not the best judge on this, since the stock player is fine for me. Nice thing is that since it is Android, you can always try an alternative on the market. Does anyone have a fav replacement?

  48. I think all this information is very useful yet I’m still left very confused. I have yet to visit the verizon store and actually hold both phones but I’m sure my decision will only get a lot harder or perhaps a little bit easier. This was one of the more helpful reviews I have read.

  49. Bryan,

    Thanks for the additional info! Never can have enough. Just want to be an informed shopper. I’m still using my LG 8100. It’s as tough as a tank and I’m pretty tough on phones, so I hope the Eris will be able to hold up to my tough standards.

    So the phone rep told me there was an update on the 11th, and would be an update on Jan. 22nd. He listed a ton of things that would be updated and somewhat dodged my question about the 2.0 upgrade, later saying all the upgrades on the 22nd were for the 2.0. He wasn’t very convincing though.

    So I may wait till at lest the end of Dec. to give myself a few days after Jan. 22 before my 30 day refund would be up. I can always fall back on my 8100. It does seem like there are a lot of happy customers out there using the Eris though.

    I might be wrong, but did I read something during your review of the potential for newer generations of the Eris coming out?

    Thanks again!

  50. @Shane

    There is ALWAYS something newer coming out. I shared the rumor that Verizon would release 2 more Android phones by the end of the year. One supposedly on Black Friday. That has not happened yet.

    There is a rumor that one will be based on the Snapdragon processor. It runs 1 Ghz, as opposed to the 528 Mhz of the Eris. Then again, no word on what kind of battery life it might have (faster processor = more battery req’ments).

  51. is there anyway to get the phone to switch to landscape mode when texting or checking internet or email… mine wont switch when i turn it on its side….any suggestions

  52. i really like this review it was really helpful… but i was wondering… for a 14 year old girl, which phone of these two do you recommend? she seems to be leaning towards the eris because of its sleek build and everything.

    also, between the eris and the iPhone, what do you reccomend for her?

    and one last thing.. for the music on the eris, can you put your songs from iTunes on the phone? and is there a headphone jack on this phone?

    thanks a bunch,

  53. This may be a stupid question, but do I have to wait for 2.0 to come out on the Eris before I buy it? OR can I go but it now and get the upgrade when it becomes available?

    I really like the look of the Eris better, but I love all the features of the 2.0 OS Driod. AND I seem to have no patience- I really want to go out and buy the Eris today!!

  54. @Erica

    Last question first, you can buy now. The upgrade will be over the air.

    On recommendations… that’s a toughie. I am no a believer in one phone to rule them all, that’s why I wrote this comparison that way. For the *typical* teen i would think the Eris would be ab excellent choice but…

    Does she text much, or care about a keyboard? I think the virtual keyboard in the Eris is great, and I have fat fingers, so chances are she will like it better. But if she really wants a keyboard, Droid is the way to go. I could see the MM center for the droid being a welcome accessory for the Droid as well.

    I do not care for the iPhone, but for her it may be the best choice. You can get music on your phone from on the Android phones, and I have no issues with it, but it is hard to beat the integration of iTunes with the iPhone. Apple takes great strides to make sure it is not as easy with non-Apple products (that’s why i am strictly AmazonMP3 now, but that is another rant lol). Also there is the “status” of iPhone, which may be important for a teen.

    It could come down to carrier. As much as I don’t like AT&T, I think carrier quality is very location dependent. But iPhone = AT&T right now, while Droid and Droid Eris = Verizon.

    Sprint has the Hero, which is similar to the Eris, thought I think the design of the Eris is nicer.

    Hop that helps.

  55. @ Steve

    Can’t comment on AndroidCentral, but Amazon also has it for $9.99 (w/Activation).

    Wireless.Amazon.com says it’s out-of-stock though; big surprise for that price 😉

    I like my Eris. My wife liked mine so much (the Sense UI wowed her) that she returned her Moto Droid and got an Eris too.

    Can’t wait for 2.x – but the phone is great as-is. Don’t let the version stop you from getting one.

  56. I may have missed it, but I use Outlook contacts/calendar regularly. Does the Eris allow importing of a CSV file into contacts? I have approx. 300 entries that I would prefer not to have to enter manually. Also, can the phone be password protected?

    Thanks Bryan- Very informative page

  57. after reading this i think im going to go with the Eris. I have an ipod touch, so i really like the apps and stuff. having the droid would be odd because theres not much customability (is that a word?) I REALLY like the Navigation system, they make it out like its amazing. But i can wait for it on the Eris. Honestly after reading this review it seems like in less than a year Eris will be better than the droid- And maybe the Iphone..

  58. I’m looking into getting one of these phones and I’ve read all of the previous comments. That being said, its going to be a tough decision. My question is this, I’m in a 2-year contract w/ Verizon and not eligible for an upgrade for another 8 months. Has anyone on this been let out early to get this phone and a beefier contract w/ Verizon?

  59. i went in and checked them out and it seems like Droid has half the features of Droid Eris due to the HTC user interface. The VZW rep said that the Eclair update is coming in a few weeks to the Droid Eris so i bought the Droid Eris

  60. I bought the eris after repeated trips to the Verizon Store. I was going to order online for the instant rebate but felt so guilty asking the sales person for advice that I had it billed to my account and am sending the mail in rebate in. Plus I received instant gratification!
    I am VERY happy with the eris. I didn’t like the droid’s slider keyboard. I hate slider phones. The only thing I wish I had was the turn by turn navigation (I have had VZNav since 2006 and miss it.) but am making do for now with google maps mapquest like directions on the phone until it upgrades to Eclair/Android 2.0.
    Verizon even offered a class on how to operate the droid and eris. I used to work for the company, and I knew the teacher. He told me that the eris will be upgrading to Eclair/2.0 early 2010 and probably by the end of January. So don’t worry, Ben, it’s coming!

  61. P.S. I ALSO like the touch keyboard on the eris. I was very reticent since I have had phones with real QWERTY keyboards for 4 years. The touch screen on eris is user friendly and I got used to it quickly in landscape mode.

  62. Hi, my son has wanted the IPhone since it arrived and has made my life miserable. He has always paid for his own phone but we have had Verizon forever and love the way the company takes care of its customers and the cost was higher at AT&T. We live out in the country and Verizon is the only phone that works out here and where ever we have went service has never been a problem. So without us switching the IPhone would be too expensive. Of course that didn’t stop him from talking about the IPhone constantly. His contract renewal was coming up and we got him the Moto Droid as an early Christmas present. He liked it but still talked about the IPHONE. Then I received an e-mail from him. Evidently his friend had to take his IPhone to the AT&T store for a software issue he had. After the rep fixed his phone he asked him to call the store from his phone to see if the problem was corrected. He looked at his phone and said I can’t I don’t have any service and the rep looked at his phone and said neither do I. My son then said well I do have service do either one of you want to use my Droid. Of course the rep was embarrassed as was the store manager. Since then I have never heard another word about the IPhone. I know that he lets his phone charge fully after it dies and that has helped quite a bit with extending the life of the battery. I myself could have renewed in August but I can’t decide which phone I want and now it has been narrowed down to the Droid and the Eris. My son absolutely loves his phone and now all he talks about is the Droid. I am not very patient either but I have forced myself to wait until I am absolutely sure which one I want. Your article is very informative and I will tune in to see any new info that you have added. Thank you, Maria

  63. @Lisa

    If you are not currently a Verizon customer, that is a great way to get the phone. Essentially Amazon gives you a deal because they get a kick-back from the mobile company. That’s how I got my Nokia phone a long time ago for T-Mobile.

    The biggest pain is dealing with the rebates, but it looks like that deal is without rebates.

  64. I love the look and feel of ERIS, but I use MS Outlook for just about everything, especially 1600 Contacts plus Calendar, Notes, and email. I’ve been on the phone with Verizon tech support, and it doesn’t appear that ERIS will 1) allow sorting of People names by last name rather than first name, 2) allow long entries in the address field to display completely, 3) allow user-friendly text formatting in the notes section, and 4) synch easily with MS Outlook. Can you shed light on any of this?

    The scariest part is that it appears the synching with Outlook may only be possible through an outside app, and the two I have seen reviewed did not garner many positive user comments.

    Great information in your reviews! Thanks for helping us lambs through the forest!

  65. Thanks for the wealth of information and comments. The contract is up (finally) on all four of our Verizon family plan phones. My boys are bugging me to make the switch to AT&T for the iPhone … and now the droid is released! Soooooo … do I make the switch to AT&T? OR do I get them the htc Eris or the Moto Droid (although with the price difference, looks like they can only afford the Eris)? They both have iPod Touches, one has a MotoQ, the other the LG Env2 … and they both text like crazy. They love Apple and will need to sync to their MacBooks. Wow, $9.99 on Amazon … and Verizon wants $99 … hmmmm …

  66. I had a problem with the battery life of the eris at first, but when u turn off the mobile network in settings, the battery just goes on and on. Who needs 3g to be on at all times anywho? And if you ever need internet, just turn it back on and its ready to go in 10 seconds! Now i am 100% satisfied with this phone. Can’t wait for upgrades!

  67. @Bob

    Have you tried the application that comes with the Eris to sync outlook. It is Windows based. I did not get a chance to try it out.

  68. @Maggie

    It’s a hard choice, but at least there is a choice. With the Android phones you are really syncing with your Google accounts rather than your computer. I have had a G1 for over a year, and never concern myself with “syncing”. My mail is gmail, my contacts with gmail are kept up to date, all with no effort.

    I discuss this some on one of the Droid posts:

    I also mention some of the 3rd-party tools here (Under Outlook Exchage heading):

    These are about the Droid, but also applies to the Eris.

  69. I just got an Eris, and my fiance got the Droid. Both phones are awesome. The best way we could describe the differences between the two is that ther Eris is a girl phone, and the Droid is a boy phone. The Droid does have a little more power, and comes with more storage, while the Eris is super sexy, and I love having 7 pages on the home screen. (My fiance compared it to getting a bigger purse.) Each phone is better for different things in it’s own way, but either one is a great phone.

  70. i purchased the Eris. Very happy w/ phone. You have to use HTC sync. software on the HTC site to sync. w/ Outlook. It worked well, but I haven’t been able to sort by last name. Also any lengthy notes get cut off.

  71. I have had my eris now for about a month and a half and love it. I actually use my phone in a business setting mainly. I love all of the apps for it that are free. I like the fact that it syncs with my exchange server like a dream and even brought over all my contacts. I would never go back to using a black berry after getting my eris. On the comparitive I find that the slide out keyboard on the droid is horrible it has not texture really so you might as well just use a touch screen at that point. And I love the htc gui over the droids gui.

  72. Hi, I thought I would weigh in on this debate. I currently have the Droid while my step dad has the Eris. I am very happy with my droid. I played with his phone for a day to make sure I made the correct choice and I did. While the Droid has many cool features like a flash for the camera, the Sense UI on the Eris is stunning and wish I could have it for my Droid =) Personally I really like the physical keyboard on the Droid, its sleek and big enough for me and I love the feel of the keyboard. What many people don’t like about the droid is what I find most appealing is how heavy and sturdy it is compared to most phones. I like to know that the phone is in my hand and that it will not slip out. I do not like how light the Eris is because I feel as if it could easily slip out of my hand and pocket. Also quick note, there is a browser for the Droid called Dolphin Browser, it allows pinch in zoom like the Eris and Iphone but it still has some small bugs it still works really well.
    I have had an Iphone before too and while they have cool apps, I dislike how uncustomizable it is compared to the Android phones. I would highly recommend the Android phones over the iphone any day. Hope this helps some people 😀

  73. I have a “dumb” phone with AT&T’s non-service program i.e. I pay a monthly fee for little or no service. I’ve never had a “smart or apps” phone
    Some questions about the Eris from Verizon:
    1. Do I pay for air time using apps other than talking on the phone?
    2. Has there been or will there be an upgrade to Android 2.0?
    3. If I buy a phone and don’t get service, what am I on the hook for if I return it within 30 days?
    4. If I die, is there an early termination fee?

  74. I visited 2 Verizon stores today looking at the Eris. The 2 store,s phones were on V 1.5. One store employee told me V 2.0 is now available, just needs to be downloaded to the phone. The other Verizon store employee told me the Eris has V 2.0. I showed him in settings it was on
    V1.5. He went to check with the manager and told me the update he was thinking about was not V 2.0 and that should be available in this first quarter, 2010. If you think about it, why would Verizon or other Eris carriers want to upgrade to V 2.0 and take sales away from the Droid? I don’t see this upgrade to 2.0 happening to the Eris. I still like the phone, but will hold out and continue to use my Palm Centro.

  75. I went to 2 Verizon stores again today to look at the Eris. At one store, I was told V 2.0 is now available and I would just need to download it. At the other store, I was told the Eris already has V 2.0. When I showed the salesman in settings, the phone was V 1.5, he went to ask his manager, came back and told me the phone has had upgrade fixes and V 2.0 would be available in this first quarter, 2010. After thinking about this, why would the maker of Eris or it’s other carrier’s version want to upgrade to V 2.0 and take away from sales of the Droid? I personally don’t see this upgrade happening. I like the Eris, but will continue to use my Palm Cento.

  76. @ Eli

    1. Do I pay for air time using apps other than talking on the phone?
    Standard Data plan, does not take talk minutes to access data.

    2. Has there been or will there be an upgrade to Android 2.0?
    Verizon has confirmed there will be an update to 2.0 or 2.1 depending on when it comes out. The stated timeframe is 1Q this year.

    3. If I buy a phone and don’t get service, what am I on the hook for if I return it within 30 days?
    Check with Verizon, I am not sure what the policies are

    4. If I die, is there an early termination fee?
    There is a $350 early termination fee that gets pro-rated at some point. I have NO idea what the policy is if you die…

  77. @Marty

    There is more to the Droid than the 2.0 software. Verizon has announced that they will update the Eris in the 1st Quarter. In-store sales guy not knowing the facts is nothing new… 🙂

  78. I’m out the door tommorrow to get a FREE Eris, as my better half has a Droid and loves it. I work constuction and will have to be careful with the new phone, but I’m a big boy, I think I can handle it! Loved the comparison Thanks!

  79. Best Buy had a deal last week with the Eris for free, jumped on it. The touch screen’s a bit sensitive at times but overall an awesome phone. “Ordnas” mentioned about turning off the network and getting better battery life, so true YES putting it in Airplane Mode will also turn off all RF freq. -no radiation at all while you’re getting to know the phone, listening to music, watching a movie! Nice. Android 2.0 will be nice too though, think it’s slated for Feb?

  80. I just bought a new Eris because I hated my blackberry. Unfortunately, I am not very tech phone inclined and the phone did not come with much instruction. Is there a website I can go to so I can learn the ins and outs of this phone? I can barely make a call. HELP PLEASE I really want to like this phone.

  81. I went to the Verizon store yesterday to play with the Droid and Eris and decide which I wanted. I have been stuck with the HTC Touch Pro XV6900 for nearly a year and cannot stand it anymore-windows mobile is an utter fail. However, I did get used to using a virtual keyboard on it, which pushes me towards the Eris. The physical keyboard on the Droid has small awkward buttons that can be hard to press, and I feel like I would never use it. The Eris also has a large clock on the main screen, something important that the Droid is lacking.

  82. I walked into the Verizon store today with a broken blackberry and walked out with a droid. I walked back in an hour later after reading about the Eris to see if I could try it out. They sent me away because their display model (the only one in stock) needed to be charged. I found myself in the Verizon store for the third time just before they closed, played with the Eris, and put in an order for one.

    For me, the Droid felt uncomfortably large for my hands. I know this is silly to say because it’s not really that big, but I felt like, when typing on the physical keyboard, my thumbs were really reaching, and it feels awkward to hold the phone in one hand. The Eris, by contrast, feels a lot smaller, even if it isn’t that much smaller. The rounded edges help. Generally, it’s a more comfortable phone to hold, and easier to imagine shoving in a pocket. Basically, for $100 less than the Droid, the Eris was a phone I felt a lot more comfortable using, although I am holding out hope that it gets the newer operating system soon.

  83. well the g1 being the first android phone its the best as well lets not forget that the mytouch is the best one that i have ever had its faster and better then the actly droid by verizon the eris looks just like the mytouch and the hero.. android makes good phones and its no match with the iphone no doubt about that.. but it about space and features right… i say the eris and the droid or both great phones

  84. Thanks for all the help. I decided yo get the Eris because of this article and I really like it.

    Are there any updates on android 2.0 or 2.1 coming to it?

  85. im at day 14 with my moto droid. i do love this phone. however, the slideout keyboard is useless to me as well as it is to many others. and the slider seems to be getting looser over time. i dont like how it “wiggles” a bit and that when closed i feel it pushing down slightly when texting etc… i feel this will be an issue over time so i am highly considering returning for the eris. what is motorolas thing with keyboards? seriously. this phone would be an easy decision for me if it did not have this feature. 2.0 is a must for me so i am stumped. i need the voice navigation. (car home app) is there SOLID proof yet that it WILL have 2.0 upgrade soon?

  86. I have the Droid and my daughter has the Eris… We were both due for upgrades and my contract was up. So I ended up getting the 2 phones for $99.00. I was expecting to pay $199.00 for just the Droid.
    I love this phone.. but I also love the Eris… I do find myself using the touch keyboard more than the physical one.. It is small and doesn’t feel as nice as my Voyager did. But so far that is my only complaint.
    My daughter was worried that like the Venus was to the Voyager.. the Eris would be a dumbed down version of Droid .. she is very happy with this phone .. I don’t think she has complained once.. and that is a feat in itself!!

  87. I have the eris and I love it. I went from just a regular texting keyboard phone to a modern sleek all touch-smart phone. I love it. However, I would recommend a car charger, as I had to go on a one hour trip yesterday, going to a concert, and it died after 7 hours and I. Did not use it that much. I expected it to die fast but not that fast. There are ways to make the battery stay longer though. I’m actually on my eris right now… it s so easy to type with.

  88. Droid vs Eris… Eris

    I bought myself a Droid and my wife the Eris. Of course I needed to have the biggest baddest phone and she could have the sub-par phone. I think it turned out the other-way around.

    I’m actually switching out of my Droid to an Eris. A few reasons why…

    Messaging: Droid cant send out ring tones or other audio clips, it seems that the Eris has a better mms system. (although the video isn’t as good as the Droid)

    Widgets: HTC has been in the Android game a little longer and seems to put in widgets that are more user friendly. Simple things like a voice recorder and weather display you have to download on the Droid while its already available on the Eris. The clock feature comes with a stop watch, and timer. The widgets and software just seem a lot more seamless. I can go on but you see what I’m getting at.

    Keyboard: A waste of space. I NEVER use it, I actually find it more cumbersome to use than the touch screen. Further more, there is no spell check feature associated with it.

    Buttons: The power button on top of the Droid is awkward. Sounds dumb, but its not a natural feeling in terms of phone usage. I also like having a physical call and send button. The track ball I find very useful, and for blackberry users going to an Android platform, the track ball makes the transition a little easier.

    In the end the Eris is a much sexier phone that is much more user friendly. It feels better in hand than the Droid and is smoother to operate. It comes down to personal preference and after playing with both phones for 3 months the little things about the Eris were the big difference.

  89. I have to totally agree with this commment. I also had to have the Driod and my wife got the eris. (man was she gripping about that) But once we started using the phones some how the gripping stopped. as she loves the phone. lol the gripping has changed to “when are you going to take the droid back and get a eris”

    From the stats at the end of the review it is amazing at how well Eris did with file operations. completly blowing away the droid in many areas.

    So I will be going to VZ today to return the droid and go the the “subpar” Eris wich is SO MUCH BETTER. its totaly the little things about the phone. I have downloaded a lot of apps and widgets just trying to get the Driod to work more like the eris but apparently HTC hired all the people with common sence and left the rest to right apps for the droid.

  90. Eris will not only go to 2.0, but 2.1, maybe even before the droid. But honestly… i would stay with what ever terrrible phone you have and wait for the nexus one, which will be the best phone in the history of the world.

  91. I am trying to absorb all this tech info and was wondering if there is somewhere to help the technically ignorant types (ME) understand where all these different items fit in the grand scheme; What is android compared to droid and droid eris, what is Sense and elcair? I think I get some of it but really want some clarity? Can anyone point me somewhere that I can get the big picture? I am getting lost, although I’ve been waiting along time wanting an iphone to come to Verizon I am now really thinking I want the Droid (a friend just got one and I LOVE it) I just want to understand everything about it…

  92. Truth be told if you’re a power user the droid is the clear choice the processor and screen alone is the big difference. For normal users the Eris is great. People whine to much about the hardware keyboard yeah it suck for the first couple of days, but you get use to it like every other phone.

    For the power users that are down grading for cosmetic alone, enjoy you’re Eris when it can’t be updated to 3.0 do to hardware difficultly.

    And to the guy complaining about home screen, mms and transfers there is an app for all the above on the droid.

  93. I am in love with my droid. I had an eNV before this so the droid is a big upgrade. Both of my parents have droids and they love them also. I like having the actual keyboard like I had with the eNV. It is a lot of phone to get used to but I needed a lot of things. I am a very busy college senior and the speed of the phone helps with checking my email and getting things done quickly. I love everything about this phone. Its size makes it a little harder to loose and makes me remember that it probably should no be put into my back pocket. I have friends who had an eris but switched to the droid because of how awkward it was to not have a keyboard. It is not a big deal that there is not a spell check when typing with the keyboard like when I am typing on the screen but that is fine since I know how to spell without it.

  94. I received the Droid Eris because me and my sister renewed at the same time and it was buy 1 get one. After getting it I am absolutely thrilled. i could not be happier with my phone. I was worried about battery life but it is not as bad as I thought. I am anxious to get google turn by turn though because I used the heck out of my VZ Navigator on my Blackberry.

  95. I understand Android phones have voice recognition when searching the internet. Does this show location of search noting the units GPS? Is the GPS real location or triangulated?
    Does Android accept docs to go?

  96. I own the Eris, and mannn do I love it. I have a friend who had the Droid and after playing with my phone for awile she went back to Verizon and swapped for an Eris lol. its sleek, sexy, everything is just seamless. Eris comes with 1.5 installed but I flashed my ROM and now its running 2.1 with HTC Sence…totally worth it. Verizon is supposed to be releasing an OTA update but I just couldn’t wait. Sickest phone I’ve ever owned 😀

  97. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Droid Eris! It’s awesome! It’s a great size, smooth, sexy. In the beginning, it’s kind of hard to handle, but you get used to it, and you will not want to let it go as it becomes your personal little side kick! It takes GREAT pictures, has many apps available. If you like facebook, or Gmail, Google talk, twitter, etc., this phone has it all and it makes it so much easier to use all of these things and it has so much more! Great phone, would NOT change it to a Droid, I find the keyboard useless as my friend has one and she never uses it. Battery life is pretty bad, BUT carry your charger around with you, it’s a USB so that’s very helpful. Overall, this phone was THE phone for me.

  98. I got the motorola droid and my friend who is on my plan got the droid eris. I tested her phone out, and while I like hers too, I love my droid. The thing I like about the eris is that it comes pre installed with user friendly widgets and multi touch (aka pinch to zoom). But the droid does have apps that can be downloaded to utilize these features. Where the droid is better is processing power. I have found that the droid runs much faster than the eris. The videos also look alot more clean. Plus, Im not a big fan of widgets anyways because they drain your battery life. My friends eris is always running out of battery while mine is running strong, and we work together, so I know for a fact they are off the charger at almost the exact same time. Also, the droid’s operating system is better. The droid runs of the android 2.0.1 operating system and is soon getting the 2.1. ERIS is running of version 1.5 because the ERIS has the preinstalled HTC UI, so the UI has to be updated before they can release an OS update for the ERIS. Droid is superior, but honestly, either one is a great choice. I love both phones, and I will buy droid phones from verizon as long as they continue to make them

  99. To the guy up there called Fee:

    The update to 3.0 when it comes will be when all of these phones fall out of spec anyway. The Moto Droid has the better specs but honestly youre gonna feel lag one way or another on any of these phones. I just picked up my Droid Eris a week ago and have been amazed at what it offers for the $30 I paid. I’ve solidly recommended this phone to all of my friends and family. Sense UI is slick, the experience is great even at 1.5, and it generally performs like no other phone I’ve owned before.

    Go Eris!

  100. in response to fee, i heard you load and clear on that one. I am definitely a power user and aslong as phone has the physical capabilities i’m looking for as far as hardware is concerned then i can make the phone OS wise the best their is. I have the choice of getting any phone i want this year in june for graduation and i am definitely going with the droid, not the droid eris. I’ve already started on the droid version of my website to be fully adaptable benefiting all droid users with free downloads of everything for the droid.

  101. i got on here to decide which one i wanted. i feel like the biggest argument for the droid is its processing power, and its video capabilities. but when im looking for a phone, i dont look at those things. i have a laptop for that, and i guarantee that my laptop is faster than the droid.

  102. i love the droid eris, it is so slick and smooth. Its fit right up my………. phone cover. It also replaces my cobb webbed covered vibrator under my bed.

  103. you cant even compare these 2 phones..ok.. so the eris has 7 homescreens and alot more widgets.. the droid has a 5 megapixel camera with dual led flash.. it has way faster processor and has a higher resoulution screen with over 16 million colors which makes watching videos amazing.. it has a 3.7 inch touch screen which is way better then the tiny screen on the eris… also there is rumors that the droid may be getting updated to 2.2 froyo and will include motoblur one of the best social networking things that motorola supplies… so stick with the droid… and lastly the battery life on the droid is great and sucks on the eris… and i will tell you the truth.. i had the eris before i got the droid and i experienced so many problems with it… it broke once then i got a replacement phone.. then it broke twice and i got another replacement phone.. then the sound wasnt working on it and it was freezing like crazy the third time i got the phone.. then i was done with the eis and i got the droid

  104. I have been reading these entires and am intrigued at what the challenges are out there. I have been a die-hard Verizon customer for years and find that the service has been good.

    I have the Eris:

    Now understand, I am far from a techinical guy, which it seems some of you are. I appreciate that. I imagine that my challenegs with this phone are somewhat rooted in my “non-techie” personality. I am the average joe and I am a salesman. I love the fact that I now have a smart phone and can follow my work email, facebook, twitter etc etc from my phone.

    I have some issue with this phone and I am just not sure if it is “user error” or there is something wrong with it. I love the apps, I love the things that this phone can do (and there are probably 1,000 things it can do that I don’t even know about)…let me explain my challenegs: 1. Battery life is horrible – contstantly charging it. 2. Biggest issue: Sometimes it seems like the phone has a mind of its own: When I have the headset plugged in for pandora for example, or the charger plugged in, the phone either does things on its own, or doesn’t respond at all. It will dial without being prompted to, it is impossible to text or type antyhing while having something plugged in. It literally goes haywire. Do I have a lemon? Is the phone bad? I have little patience, and when I pay for something, I want it to work effectively. I reguarly have messages come up like “Error, this process has been stopped…” or something like that. Previoulsy, I had a Voyager (Don’t even get me started on that POS), and I could send video messages with no problem (Up to 30 seconds worth) but with this phone, if I take a video of my son to send to my momand it’s more than 8 seconds, my Eris can’t send it. it “exceeeds the message size” (Is there a setting?) My friends can send video up to a minute long on their phones. I also can no longer send a picture with a sound attached. (again, user error?)… The phone does seem to be slow in it’s processing. Does anyone offer a class that helps non tech guys like me get the most out of their phones? It may be part phone issue and part ME issue….

    Again, not a tech guy at all, I just want my friggin phone to work!

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