Pen + Bookmarker = Bookmarker Pen

bookmarkerpenHello office supply geeks, I have a pen for you. It’s the Bookmarker from Everyday Innovations. This product combines a ballpoint pen, a bookmarker for your favorite book and a small stack of sticky flags. The Bookmarker pen is thin enough to be used as an actual book marker. It even has an elastic strap connected to it, that you use to keep the marker in place and your book closed. Neat huh? Grab one for $5.99 and flag refills for $3.99.

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2 thoughts on “Pen + Bookmarker = Bookmarker Pen”

  1. Alan from Everyday innovations is a great guy. Did you check out any of his other products? He has something called the pico pad that I looked at a little while ago, which is also pretty handy.

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