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chrome-shoes-1I live in sneakers. That’s all I wear day in and day out. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I don’t think I have even own one pair of ‘dress’ shoes right now that fit me. My kicks of choice lately have been Asics Gel Enduro trail running shoes because I like a lot of cushion. I’m always up for reviewing offbeat products, so I was happy to check out a pair of shoes from Chrome –  the same people that make the popular messenger bags.


Chrome recently expanded their product line to include some clothing items and shoes. We’re going to take a look at the shoes, of which they currently offer four styles: Midway, Saipan, Kursk and Arnhem. The sent me the Midway to review, in Brown.


Right away, it is not difficult to see where Chrome drew inspiration for the design of these shoes. Next to the Midways, you see a pair of Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors. I love the look of Chuck T’s, but the comfort, not so much…


The Chrome shoes may look like Chuck T’s at first glance, but when you get your hands on them and feet in them, you definitely notice a difference. The uppers are made of Cordura and are padded inside. Even the tongue is padded. The insole is removable.


The toe and heel of the Midway is covered in suede.


The sole is an eye catching Red.


For comparison sake, here you can see the height difference between Chuck Taylors and the Midway, which hit me just below the ankle bone.


The shoes are made very well. I have not noticed any problems with stitching, glue, etc. The cordura feels rugged, as do the thick laces with the metal ends. The only parts I worry about are the suede toe caps. I’d rather have rubber ones. Luckily, that’s available with the other Chrome shoes.

I’ve been wearing these shoes for a few days and for my feet, they are significantly more comfortable than my old Chuck Taylors. That said, I wouldn’t want to wear the Chrome shoes to do a lot of walking as they aren’t as cushy as my Asics. But for everyday, wear to work, run around town shoes, they are fine and in my opinion look really cool. If you’ve always liked Chuck Taylor sneaks, but want a pair with a slightly updated look and some extra comfort, check out these shoes from Chrome.


Product Information

  • Classic style
  • Padded
  • More comfort than Chuck Taylors
  • Removable insole
  • Suede toe caps will show wear sooner than rubber toe caps
  • Expensive

10 thoughts on “Chrome Shoes Review – Sneaks for Geeks”

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  2. What is it with “Sneakers” sounds like they are used by criminals to creep or sneak up on people.

    I suppose it must be an American term for Trainers?

  3. The thing that’s always been so bothersome about “Chucks” for me is the complete lack of arch support. Do these Chromes fare better in that regard?

    1. @Bob Hahahah, that will teach me to not pay attention when I’m trying to correct spelling mistakes right before heading to a meeting that I’m late for… jeez!!!


  4. I heard of Sneakers, Kicks, trainers but never calling them tennis shoes.
    @Red5 trainers is just as weird as calling them tennis shoes they have nothing to do with the implied action also you would not call these trainers because they aren’t sporty leisure shoes, cas (casual) shoes or the type street style.

  5. >>”I heard of Sneakers, Kicks, trainers but never calling them tennis shoes.”

    What did you think “little old ladies in tennis shoes” were wearing?


  6. I liked them for a while… First of all they are made in china, which was a bummer.

    The “crash pad” under the heel got detached. The Paper-like front half of the sole fell apart when I washed it, and the rubber perimeter is starting to get unglued from the rest… The shoelaces are tough, though.

    Other than that they are comfortable. I’ll probably try to glue it all back together, and i’ll have them for a while.

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