Shortcovers iPhone eBook reader app v2.0 just added to app store

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shortcoversI just received word that version 2.0 of the Shortcovers iPhone eBook reader application has been added to the app store. I’ve not had the opportunity to try this particular reader and have only just recently heard about it. The news that they have released a new version caused me to go to the app store and download it. It’s Free, which is always nice πŸ™‚ I have been using Stanza for quite a while just because the desktop version allows me to convert different documents and books to .epub format for my iPhone or .azw format for my Amazon Kindle. Shortcovers uses .epub too and they have a store built right into their app that offers a free book of the week. What is your favorite reader software?

7 thoughts on “Shortcovers iPhone eBook reader app v2.0 just added to app store”

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  2. I like stanza, except that it doesn’t seem to show any pictures. I like the ability to download directly from sources like Project Gutenberg, and I like the way you can change the brightness by sliding the right side of the screen. I know the app “Classics” does have pictures, but it isn’t free and has a very limited library. Haven’t tried Shortcovers.

    1. @Mike I also like Stanza’s ability to change the screen brightness. I use that all the time. I’ve not noticed that it can’t display pictures. I guess I haven’t read a book with illustrations yet. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve tried Shortcovers and it’s great. cheap books, lotsa free titles. Pretty much stopped using stanza except for my old fictionwise stuff. Love not having to go thru stanza’s complicated download process. I just click “buy” and start reading.

  4. I also like that I can buy books on Shortcovers, read them on my iPhone and download them to my PC too, if I want to read them there. All that for $9.99 for bestsellers – awesome!

  5. I just downloaded Shortcovers. Pretty sweet. Great reader + store. Cheap prices. I am done with Stanza….Amazon is going to shut it off soon anyway. I don’t want anyone pulling books off my shelves either.

  6. Well…right now, Stanza is Fictionwise’s #1 source of traffic. Fictionwise is owned by B&N, so Amazon is basically funding a competitor. Anyways…i heard they don’t want to do that anymore. My prediction….stanza goes away, the amazon app gets updated with stanza code, all the fictionwise’s go away, and when amazon feels like it, they can pull your books that you bought from fictionwise or other sites. Maybe i am crazy, but who would have guessed that they’d pull 1984 off peoples’ shelves?

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