Win a copy of Tunebite Premium DRM Removal and Media Conversion Software

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audials-logoLast week Andy Repp reviewed Tunebite. It’s a Windows based software package that can remove DRM and convert different media types. The folks at RS Audials are offering 3 free copies of Tunebite Premium to give away here on The Gadgeteer. If you would like to win one, respond to this post. I’ll pick three random winners tomorrow evening. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can use the special discount code of Blog Discount to get a 25% discount when purchasing the current version for any of the following products: AudialsOne, Radiotracker Platinum, Tunebite Platinum and Mediaraptor Platinum.

24 thoughts on “Win a copy of Tunebite Premium DRM Removal and Media Conversion Software”

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  2. I wonder if it will actually remove the Window Media player imposed DRM. I have a bunch of stuff I have kept waiting for just this type of removal tool.

  3. Well – read the review of this and thought it may be a great way to remove the DRM from my itunes stuff. I hate that I have a perfectly good PS/3 hooked up to my stereo – that will play all kinds of good itunes stuff – but none of the nice U2 stuff that I purchased with my wife’s U2 Ipod…


  4. I have Radiotracker is very nice to use. It a blast to watch the music come in.
    I will be add on to the tracker the Tunebite upgrade.

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