Cordfree, cradlefree charging for your devices


Wireless may be all the rage these days, but despite the portability afforded by many different types of devices, they still need to be plugged in or cradled to charge them.  WildCharge offers an interesting solution to this dilemma.  Consisting of an adapter that attaches to the device and a charge pad that is plugged into an outlet, WildCharge can eliminate the need to plug in or lug around multiple power adapters for your various devices.  With the device adapter attached, as long as its contact points touch the charging pad, the device will charge normally.  The pad can also charge multiple adapter-equipped devices simultaneously.  WildCharge adapters are currently available for several popular devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch and BlackBerry Pearl and Curve.  Most adapters are $34.99, with adapter/pad bundles for $79.99.  See their site for the full lineup of items and prices.

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