Scare people even more – 3D web cam

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3dwebcamI’m not a big fan of web cams and don’t use them very often. I like the fact that I can roll out of bed with crazy hair and mismatched pajamas, chat with people and they can’t see me. 🙂 If I weren’t so self-conscience, I might be tempted to check out what might be the very first 3D web cam on the market from Hammacher Schlemmer. It  can capture video at 800 x 600 resolution at 15 frames per second, and it can focus on a subject up to 12″ away. Five pairs of special 3D glasses are included with the camera.

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4 thoughts on “Scare people even more – 3D web cam”

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  2. OK. I could imagine this was a good idea, IF they used polarized lenses, and had a quicker refreash rate than 15 per sec. The red & blue lenses remind me of th 3/D BS kids find on the back of cerial boxes, or comic books.

    So this definatly does not look cool for any adult that cares about the image they present of themselves on the internet. It’s hard to look cool, wearing those red/blue lenses and cardboard frames.

    Besides, how will others be able to see the image elsewhere? Bottom Line: This was made for the kids. Even the nerds should stay away from this, as it’ll just make them all the more nerdy.

    My Score: FAIL

  3. Dumbass…. you give the glasses to others so that they see the 3D image. There is no reason for you to wear them if you’re the one transmitting via the 3D webcam.

    Hence, why they give you five pairs–to give to your friends to see you in 3D.

  4. It’s not possible to use polarized technology with a monitor unless you use a complicated mirror setup.

    Anaglyph is less than ideal — the best would be a lenticular overlay for part of the screen (the ridged-edge prints you used to get in Crackerjack).

  5. Anaglyph only impresses me with well done black and white images. For color, it has to be stereo 3D, and that can tire the eyes rapidly. So I don’t think this cam will be a success, but I might buy it since I am a big fan of 3D video and it is a collection piece. Besides , I get tired of aligning two web-cams on top of my screen! I wonder if it allows us to just use one of the lenses for normal web-camming?

    My score: Curious

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