Just say no to trashing your old devices and AC adapters

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Do you feel guilty when you put old electronic devices and AC adapters in the trash can? You won’t need to feel guilty any longer if you let iGo Recycles help you recycle them. The website lists local depots where customers can go to recycle electronic devices. It also features a search feature for customers to find local electronic device recyclers in their zip code. Customers can also create shipping labels (you pay the postage) on the iGo website to send their old chargers back to iGo to be recycled.

iGo is also coming out with a new green product line later this year that features the first green laptop charger, an eight outlet surge protector and a wall outlet. iGo Green Technology products automatically use 80% less standby power than standard power products.

8 thoughts on “Just say no to trashing your old devices and AC adapters”

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  2. iHave decided to iBoycott all things iBeginning with an iI. iCan not stand iIt anymore.
    iHave iI made myself iClear?


  3. Radio Shack takes electronics recyclables like ‘wall wart’ AC adapters, devices, old batteries of all sorts. I doubt they take major appliances like TVs or larger. Good Will takes TVs, computers, etc. for repair and resale or recycle, they decide.

  4. i never bin anything really when it dies I take it apart and salvage any working things from it…then i recycle it

  5. Can you GET used ac adapters from any of these places? (or just drop them off)

    Does anyone know a place to look for an ac adapter (to replace one you lost)

  6. I have lots and lots of cell phone, and other adapters i need a home phone. Want them all gone. Will Radio Shack take them all? Will they charge me to take them like best buy?

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