Spotlight Gadget – Brando Multi-purpose Solar Charger


Have any of you considered solar power for charging your devices? If you have, the Portable Multi-Purpose Solar Charger from Brando looks like it might be a pretty good (although somewhat bulky and expensive) way to accomplish that task. It can output 24V, 22V, 16V@4A and 5V@500mA power. High power capacity is provided by a 20,000mAh ~ 3.7V batteries array. I tried the Solio Hybrid charger this past Spring without a lot of success, but I’m always open to trying other alternative power source options.

3 thoughts on “Spotlight Gadget – Brando Multi-purpose Solar Charger”

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  2. Consider the placed where I use my laptop: home, office, libraries, coffee shops, … I don’t see any value a solar charger provide me. It could make sense for other people.

    Speaking of charger, I used to use a charger, which really is a universal battery that connects to a wide range of laptops and devices. The battery was not bulky, but heavy. It also means I had to carry extra cable and tip. It was not a good experience.

    If I want extra power, I might as well by a second battery and put up with the inconvenience of 1) hibernate the laptop, 2) replace battery, and 3) power it back up.

  3. I agree with Hai Vu. It’s a good gadget in term of technology but not in term of business.

    However, they might have target group that I don’t know.

  4. it’s not about you at home or office or can get another extra battery.
    it about using SOLAR power to charge your device, to save the earth, to save the environment!

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