Spotlight Gadget – Scion xB Release Series 6.0

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I don’t consider myself much of a car person. I mean I drove the same GMC Sonoma little pickup truck for 15 years till I bought my current car; a 2006 Mazda3 5 Door, 2.5 years ago. But if I was in the market for a new car, I might be tempted by this new Scion xB because it has some cool gadgets installed:

Navigation System: Touch screen Audio Visual Navigation (AVN) headunit with flash memory, voice recognition, MSN Direct, and Bluetooth® capabilities

Connectivity: Advanced AVN headunit comes with USB, SD card, and iPod® connectivity

Entertainment: The Pioneer AVN headunit is satellite radio and HD Radio® ready and will play DVDs and iPod videos when the vehicle is in park

Customization: User can customize the 5.8 inch high-resolution WVGA LCD touch-panel display and choose from over 32,000 colors

Only 2,500 have been manufactured and the price starts at $17,493 for manual and $18,443 for automatic.

What is your ultimate gadgeteer car?

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6 thoughts on “Spotlight Gadget – Scion xB Release Series 6.0”

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  2. my vote goes for a Ford Ranger FX4 “king cab”. all wheel drive, decent mileage and some space to cram my photo gear behind the seats. most important, it can haul my quad (or ATV for the non-Canadians) in the back. I know, a lot out there hate Ford but I kind of got used to the brand…

  3. For me, I my requirements are:
    * Phone integration: I wish to use voice command to dial and talk using hand-free mechanism
    * iPod integration
    * Navigation system
    * Backseat: video/audio integration with iPod/iPod touch, or other portable video/music devices
    * Bonus: voice recorder for “remember to buy eggs” situations

  4. I sort of liked the high-end Prius. It has a lot of cool stuff like the magic-key, the nav and tv system, and the hybrid system itself. No sunroof though, which stinks. I think my next car is going to be either a hybrid, or a full blown electric. 🙂

  5. My next car will be a Dacia Logan MCV.
    A new build in Rumania using the “old” technique (read: proven technology) of former Renault automobiles.
    The car costs only half of the price of a comparable sized 7-seater of another branch.
    In Germany, Netherlands, France and Belgium the car is becomming a big hit.
    Now with ressession in the air people (like I) want their car simply to do what a car must do: bring you savely from A to B.

    But … because I saved so much money ordering a Dacia MCV I can afford to have build in as a extra cruise control, radio-mp3-player, park assist, DVD-player and 15 inch roof TFT screen with 4 infrared controlled headsets for my kids.

    Dacia is building the same car in Brasil and India too.

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