NeoCube and CyberCube Neodymium Magnet Sets Review

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I’ve loved playing with magnets since I was a kid. I remember that anytime something in the house would break that might have a motor in it, I would snatch it out of the trash, dismantle it and retrieve the magnets from the motor. I even had a little metal fishing tackle box with tools and scavenged magnets that I kept under my bed. I was an odd child. :o) Now that I’m an adult, I’m still odd and I still love  magnets. That’s why I was really excited to be able to review two magnetic puzzle sets. One from NeoCube and one from CyberCube.


CyberCube magnets

The CyberCube is made of 216, 6mm, Neodymium spherical magnets otherwise known as rare earth magnets.

CyberCube magnets

It comes packaged in a simple but nice presentation box in the shape of a 6×6 cube. Unlucky for me, the CyberCube was shipped to my day job and when my boss saw it, he took it out of the box and wrecked the cube shape. At the time, I didn’t know how to get it back into that shape. I actually had to email the company and ask for directions so that I could take the image that you see above. :o)

CyberCube magnets

Each magnet is about the size of a BB. These magnets are extremely strong and it takes a bit of effort to detach one from the group. Often, when you pull one magnet, you come away with a whole string. In a weird way, it almost makes the group of magnets feel like one living thing.

CyberCube magnets

What’s the purpose of these magnet sets? There isn’t one really… It’s a fidget object. Something to keep your hands and mind busy when you’re bored or need a break from some other task. You can make all sorts of shapes. Above you see a cube in process.

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CyberCube magnets

Impressive huh? The videos on  the CyberCube site make this lowly cube look like nothing.

CyberCube magnets

If you set this on your desk at work, people won’t be able to help themselves and will have to pick it up. It’s as if it were a magnet. Sorry, couldn’t resist ;o)

Price: $39.99


NeoCube magnets

NeoCube is another magnet set that uses rare earth magnets. It doesn’t come in a nice box like the CyberCube, but you do get a few extra magnets just in case you lose a few. While CyberCube only sells one set of magnets, NeoCube has a 6×6 cube set (216 magnets) which they call the NeoCube Alpha set and a NeoCube Mini set, that can create a 3×3 cube (27 magnets). You can also buy both sets together if you’re a complete magnet maniac.

NeoCube magnets

Besides the difference in the the number of magnets per set, the only other difference between the NeoCube and CyberCube is the size of each magnet. The NeoCube magnets are smaller.

NeoCube magnets

I didn’t have a set of calipers handy to measure the exact size, but here you see the CyberCube 6×6 cube on the Left and the NeoCube 6×6 on the right.

NeoCube magnets

The NeoCube magnets perform the same as the CyberCube magnets in that you can create all sorts of shapes with them.

NeoCube magnets

So far the shapes that I try to create are super lame. But both the CyberCube and NeoCube sites have videos with someone showing how to create things. They make it look so easy ;o) It’s really not that easy for me – at least not yet.

Price: Alpha and Mini set $34.95, Alpha set $29.95, Mini set $13.95


Which set should you buy? The combination Alpha / Mini set from NeoCube is the better buy because you get 35 more magnets than the CuberCube set for a cheaper price. The only issue might be the size of the magnets… the Neo’s are smaller. Heck, buy a set from both company’s and then go wild and stick them altogether! Regardless as to which set you might choose, they will keep you entertained for hours and make a great gift for your favorite geek. Anyone else out there have a “thing” for magnets?


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29 thoughts on “NeoCube and CyberCube Neodymium Magnet Sets Review”

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  2. Just be careful with small magnetic toys around kids. Children have swallowed small magnets in other toys, which have proven fatal when the magnets connected in the digestive tract.

  3. I have so often thought about buying these….wonder if they present a challenge in being delivered, and getting stuck inside my mailbox.

    I have also thought about whether I can crack open the pile of harddrives in my cubicle….though the government has different requirements for how the drives get destroyed….

    The Dreamer

  4. The magnetic fields of magnetic balls are concentrated more at the poles than disc or block magnets. These balls are great for experimentation and magic tricks and are just plain fascinating to play with.
    NeoCube is consisted of hundreds of individual strong neodymium balls.
    You can create huge number of shapes and models according to your imagination by this amazing NeoCube.
    NeoCube is wonderfully suitable for experiments and combining with other magnets.
    No one who comes into contact with these magnets ever wants to give them back. These small but very powerful NeoCube inevitably arouse a sense of play.

    The more, the better.

    [email protected]

  5. Dailymag International

    OurQQmag Neocube is really an amazing toy. Both good for children and adualts. With huge number of shapes, you name it, then you can build it. With a beautiful packing, it is really a good gifts for your children, friends, and lovers! Since the Christmas is coming, we provide a special price for this toy! More details, please send mail to us!

    Thank you!

    [email protected]


  6. Why not buy a Cybercube??? they are cheaper and you get more spheres. To get 10% off, enter the promo code cordawg92. Just go to thecybercube(dot)com!

  7. im pretty sure that the 7×7 creation cube from cybercube is just a bigger neo cube lol. The normal 6×6 cube is 6mm (cyber cube) and the 7×7 creation cube (cybercube, again) is 4.7mm, idk bout the neo cube’s size though……

  8. I would definitely not buy the NeoCube. The website is shady and filled with broken English, and their domain is hiding behind a proxy. It’s probably a Chinese company.

    CyberCube is in Ohio, and has a heck of a lot more information on their website.

  9. Alex, the company probably is Chinese, yes. Why is that a downside? I ordered two alpha cubes, and they both shipped to me in a week, I live in Norway.. The magnets are excellent, and you get a coupon code as well

  10. Neocube was the orignal. Cybercube is a knockoff brand that has crappy magnets. has the strongest magnets. And Buckyballs are the best marketed. If you plan on playing with the magnets for a long time, don’t buy from Neocube OR Cybercube.

  11. Anyone has a promotion code?
    I’d like to order some cubes from the cybercube website.
    Please email me: arnold.ben at

    Thanks a lot for the help!
    PS: I’ll do the order in 3 days or so so don’t email me if it’s later already, thx.

  12. After searching around the internet for ball magnets, I went with Zen Magnets (the zen set consisting of 216 balls + 6 spares), they seem a better all round size, 5mm which is in between the sizes of the neocube and cybercube. Also the information on Zen’s website is much better and the price is very similar. Also there is a 0.5mm card tool which helps split the balls up and makes some shapes easier to build (however a plastic credit card or ID card may do the same trick).
    If you’re considering getting the neocube, or cybercube, get the zen set instead.

  13. everyone has mixed comments about witch ones are “the best”
    ive done some research, but after nearly an hour looking for the best quality for the cheepest price, i still havent found a company im happy so settle with
    zen magnets
    nano dots
    bucky balls
    neo cube

    i intend to play with these everyday… forever (i knwo im going to love them!!! :D)
    but i want strong magnets too

  14. No one mentioned the loss of poles in the individuals over time which leads them to have weaker attraction. There’s also some other information about a black residue that comes off on your hands. Apparently it’s bad and hard to clean.

    Anyone with these problems?

  15. umm i got cybercubes and it came with directions for a square and 8 extra magnets… and it came in a little tin box, not cardboard… i got them more recently than this article though…

  16. Does anyone have experience with these guys:
    It is a very inexpensive source of neocubes. They also have neocubes using higher grade magnets (click on SPECIAL): N48 grade instead of the standard N35 grade used in most products. It’d be interesting to know if that makes a difference.

  17. im 19 i have had several magnent sets my favorite was the cow magnent i got for christmas a wile back but my uncle got the neo cube for my aint i played with it for 20 min and had to get on i ordered it yesterday i really cant wate for it

  18. The Bucky Balls have Bucky Cubes now to O,O I want to get some of these but no one really gives a solid fact on why any is better than the other…just a lot of rumors…

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