5 free copies of Ilium Software’s eWallet up for grabs!

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Did you read Mark Adkin’s review of Ilium Software’s eWallet and find yourself thinking about buying this useful application for your Palm, Windows Mobile or desktop PC? Then reply to this post with a few words about how you are currently keep track of your codes, passwords etc. On Friday, I’ll pick 5 random winners. Each winner can deside if they would like a free copy of the Palm OS version, Windows Mobile version or Desktop PC version of eWallet.

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22 thoughts on “5 free copies of Ilium Software’s eWallet up for grabs!”

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  2. unfortunately, we rely on our diminishing brain power to remember our account and password information at my household. naturally, you can imagine how frustrating that can be at times.

    i have been looking into a varitey of solutions for this problem. perhaps ewallet is the answer.

  3. I have been using PalmOS since 1998. I use TopSecret and YAPS, both freeware, for passwords and other critical info. Neither has a freeware desktop component. Life would be much easier if I could get the PalmOS and Windows versions of eWallet.

  4. Currently on my Palm Tungsten E|2, I created a note that is masked and can only be viewed by you guessed it, a password! If I ever forget the password to my password file, I’ll be in big trouble!

    [Edited at July 01, 2008 11:32:55 AM.]

  5. I’ve been using an OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet to keep track of my personal info. I secure it by keeping it in an encrypted TrueCrypt volume. I keep it on my thumb drive and make (semi)regular backups. I have portable OpenOffice on the thumb drive in case I need to access the data on someone else’s machine.

  6. I tried one of these a long time ago and was so frustrated I dumped it. This one sounds better; but like Mark, I become addicted to ‘tweaking.’ So, if I win, it sounds like I will be busy tweaking for awhile. ‘Must get the logos and looks just right…. then it crashes… >:-0

  7. I have a very well disguised contact (or maybe not…) where I enter some of my passwords in the notes field. Others are just entered as part of my contacts list. I know, I need help. Hopefully I’ll get it!

  8. For a while I used SplashID on my Zire72 and synched it to my old laptop, but I haven’t yet installed the software on my new laptop or the app in my Centro. So nowadays I’m relying on scattered notes on a secure folder in my laptop. Not the best practice, I know.

  9. I own the WM version, how about giving away the new iPHONE version? I currently use the built in application on my BB Pearl b/c it’s so easy! I’ll be switching to the 3G iPHONE when it comes out though!

  10. Well back when I was a naive young paduan learner I used to put all of my critical info of this sort into Outlook contacts that synced to my Treo, because I KNEW I would never lose my phone.

    Then when a smash and grab crack-hound thief broke into my rental car in SF and took all of our loose possessions as well as the low battery Treo that I had left charging in the car (out of site under the seat) I learned a quick lesson in taking better care of guarding my info. After a week changing accounts and passwords I eventually started putting all of my info into password protected notes in my replacement Treo.

    From the review eWallet looks like the answer to my needs. I downloaded and tried out the Palm version, but apparantly you need to buy a Windows version in order to sync the data from your PC. Otherwise you thumb-type everything in AGAIN into the Treo.

    If I am so blessed with one of the freebies I’d love to get the Windows version.

  11. R. Kirby Whyte

    I currently use FlexWallet from WebIS and can’t say that it works well for me. I have trouble syncing. My understanding is that WebIS is going to replace FlexWallet with eWallet. It would be nice to not have to purchase eWallet which is what I will be doing if I don’t win one of the five copies.


  12. I’ve used hard copy to keep track of all my logins and passwords for YEARS – I originally did it as a word .doc and printed it out but since then I’ve just been scrawling in updates… YIPES! If I ever lost it I’d be in deep dooooo!!

    I downloaded a trial version of ewallet and LOVE it! But, I really want the more robust version that allows you to input and update on your PC – since I have a few hundred I don’t want to have to enter them on the tiny Treo650 “keyboard”

  13. For me password keeping has always been a problem. My simple solution was to keep all my password the same that way I don’t have to remember too many of them, the problem is that, if one is compromised then all my other accounts are compromised as well. So eWallet would help me remember all the logins and passwords.

  14. I have a hard copy notebook like an old fashioned reporter which I occasionally back up into an encrypted word file. since I don’t have my “black book” with me I usually use an “algorithm” to create my passwords. ie I take initials from the website the use the “$” and add a 4 digit number, usually from my childhood phone number which is so burned into my mind I couldn’t forget it if I wanted to. This often allows me to guess the password for a particular site knowing that I use a certain rule. I still use a palm TX, but will likely be getting the 3g iphone like an earlier poster.

  15. I currently use memos to store my passwords on my Treo 755p by masking or hiding the passwords, definitely not the safest and smartest way to store important information.

  16. I also have 2 or 3 passwords that I usually use. Definitely a bad security method, but if I use a different one for each site/use, and use the very secure types that are recommended (upper/lower case, no words, using symbols/numbers, etc), I would never be able to remember them all.

    [Edited at July 04, 2008 05:36:22 AM.]

  17. In the “olden days” on the Palm IIIx, etc, for free-format encrypted notes I always just used MemoSafe – the simplicity of the Palm memopad with an “encrypt” tick box. When it finally broke on my Treo 680 I switched to Cryptopad, very similar (and freeware!) except that you have to open the menu to select encryption – one extra click. Even so, I like the way all your notes are in one place and you password protect / encrypt what you don’t want prying eyes to see.

    Nowadays, for fixed format records (web sites) I also use iSecur (also freeware).

    And to (hopefully) avoid Alan’s scenario, I protect the whole Treo with Warden.

  18. Patricia Billingsley

    Currently, I use windows to rely on keeping a copy of my passwords and codes which sometimes it not always a good thing, if my computer is ever destroyed. I would be totally lost in trying to remember passwords. This is why it would be nice to always have a backup copy were you can have excess to them in other places.

  19. I have come back on the Palm bandwagon with a new Centro from Sprint. e-wallet would sure be a big usability enhancement for my spanking-brand new smartphone!


  20. Hi Julie! I am currently not keeping track of my codes passwords etc. Forget them so often that I would really really like to win this contest!

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