Day: March 27, 2008

SLAPPA Ballistix Laptop Bags and Sleeves

I am always looking for a better apparatus to carry my laptop and miscellaneous supplies. When looking at a new one, I have some simple criteria: 1) comfort, 2) appearance (style) 3) durability and 4) functionality (how well does it hold my stuff). That in mind, I jumped at the opportunity to try out a few of SLAPPA’s products from their new Ballistix’s line.

Do you still read magazines the old fashioned way?

I’m weird. Yeah, yeah, I can just hear everyone thinking out loud “Well duh! So what else is new Julie?!”… :o) So, here’s the thing. I don’t think I’ll ever read another physical book. Ever. There, I said it. I wholeheartedly prefer eBooks for a couple of very important reasons… 1. I can carry a …

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