I’m liking the Nokia E61i pretty well so far

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I plan to write a full review soon, but I just wanted to post that for the most part I am liking the Nokia E61i smartphone. It’s not going to be my end all / be all phone, but it is a nice change of pace from the iPhone. I’m really amazed by the signal strength. It even worked in the bathroom at my day job… No phone I’ve ever used has worked there before. ;o)

Do any of you Symbian fans have some tips for me? Must have apps, etc? If so, let me know. I’m anxious to try them.

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  2. For Symbian apps try

    1. HandyCalendar or Papyrus for an improved calendar/tasks

    2. ActiveNotes (free download from Nokia)

    3. Nokia Maps or Google Maps native S60 version (both freeware) for fast mobile mapping. Both work with a GPS unit too.

    3a. TomTom 6 for Symbian S60 if you want the best navigation and don’t mind paying.

    1. CallFilter currently free on S60.com. It’s a bit convoluted to get to though. You need to register on S60.com, then go to the downloads page and look for Free Downloads (not “Other Freeware”)

    2. Calcium (freeware) one handed calculator

    3. Nokia Search (another free download from Nokia.com) lets you search through all your data on the phone as well as web searching the usual suspects

    4. VNC2Go (freeware) Java implementation of VNC viewer

    5. M!Weather (freeware) weather forecast application – uses Yahoo Weather web service for data

    6. Opera Mini 4 (freeware) proxy based browser that speeds mobile browsing 100%

    7. Y-Browser (freeware) file system browser

    8. Mail For Exchange (free download from Nokia – you’ll need to Google for it) This is Nokia’s implementation of Microsoft Activesync. It enables direct push email, calendar, contacts sync from an Exchange server. A great (free) Exhange service is run by Mail2Web.com by the way. As an alternative to this you could try Emoze which now gives push Gmail.

    9. HandyClock (commercial but worth it) enables as many alarms, timers etc as you could possibly want.

    10. Superminers (commercial) game like Boulderdash

    11. Diamonds (commercial) game like Bejeweled

    12. All the many apps that come built into the system firmware! S60 3rd Edition has many more apps included than are apparent until you really start to explore.

    There’s tons more out there.

    Have fun with your E61i!


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