I finally removed the SIM from my iPhone and put it in the…

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I’ve been using the iPhone since the day I stood in line to buy one… During the time that followed, I’ve complained about its deficiencies, but kept right on using it. I truly think Apple used some kind of spray-on absorbing drug on the shell of the iPhone. There’s no other explanation for the reason why I’ve kept using it for these past several months. ;o) Today I finally opened a paperclip, poked it in the SIM tray release hole and removed my AT&T SIM. Where’s that SIM now? It’s currently residing in the Nokia E61i that I bought several weeks ago. It’s high time I got back into trying other phones dontcha think?

My question to all of you is this: What phones would you love to see me review? My only criteria is that they have to be quad-band or 850Mhz capable GSM phones. Let me know what you want :o)

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10 thoughts on “I finally removed the SIM from my iPhone and put it in the…”

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  2. Hi Julie. I’d love to hear your toughts on the new N95-3 Nokia phone. I just got one and I like it a lot (specially as an upgrade to the N80) but a point of view from an iPhone user will be refresing. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Puerto Rico!

  3. How about the Nokia E90? (BTW: sold my E61i just as fast as I bought it – too thin to hold an too many clicks to get to the SMS area 🙂
    I’m back on my Treo 650 😉

  4. Cornelis:

    I’ll agree with you with regards to navigating to the SMS area. I had a friend messaging me all day yesterday and had the same conclusion as far as too many clicks to get into the app and reply to a message.

    I’ll take a closer look at the E90 and N95-3 to see if they might be something I want to purchase for review.

    What do you guys thing of the demo video that was going around a few weeks ago with the new Symbian OS? Very iPhone like, but to me it appeared to be much better. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait before devices show up with it?

  5. Thanx Julie for pointing me there.
    My quick-thoughts about the S60 Touch platform:

    • (yet another) iPhone experience
    • lots of cycling through lots of menus
    • long waits on new software, will render cell phones useless for a long while if you need/want more
    • could lead to the same “playing around”, that you have experienced on and off with your iPhone: nice but not really super usefull on a daily basis

    Conclusion: KISS 🙂

  6. Cornelis:

    It’s so hard to keep things simple when every feature under the sun is included in the device. ;o)


    Maybe you missed Rob’s review of the TyTN II (aka Tilt) last month.

    AT&T Tilt review

  7. Nice review. Thanks, Julie!

    I tried the 8525 but did not keep it (a bit too large, slider was a bit too easy to flop open). The 8925 is much better (smaller, tension on the slider, double the memory and GPS). I’d still like to try an iPhone though.

    • Joe
  8. Julie, I also would love to get your opinion on the Nokia E90. It looks to have all the bells and whistles (and the size to match.)

    I once owned a E62 and also found it to take a lot of clicks to get things done, but I kept reading in places like allaboutsymbian.com that there are tons of shortcuts built into the OS which actually make it quike easy to navigate. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to figure out what these shortcuts might be because I couldn’t stomach the Cingular-induced shortcomings. I returned it after a bit more than a week.

    I’d love to get your opinion on the navigability of the S60 OS on the E90.

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