Are you a gadget inventor?

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I recently posted a Gear Diary entry with ideas about a project to create an ultimate alarm clock. My plan (whenever I get time to actually work on it) is to use devices that I already own, like my iMac, some speakers, an Airport Express and a WiFi PDA or smartphone. This leads me to today’s question:

What are some of your hybrid gadget creations and inventions?

Have you created a process or new gadget from a combination of gadgets? Please share your creations with us.

I’ll start by telling you about something I created years and years ago. I don’t use it anymore, but back in the day, I was pretty proud of myself… This was back before DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). Remember the good old VCR? Yeah, the thought makes me shudder a bit too. ;o) Just like today, back then I watched entirely too much TV. Setting my VCR to record all of my shows was a painful process. You had to go in and tell it which channel, what time to start recording and what time to stop recording. It was about as bad as having to walk to school barefoot in the snow. ;o) To make my life easier, I combined several devices, added a little programming and created a solution to my problem. I even wrote about it in a Gadgeteer review dated 1998.

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